4 Ways to Save Money on Greeting Cards

Most of us give out greeting cards fairly often and don’t always pay much attention to how much they add up. Sometimes the easiest way to save money is by cutting costs on things we purchase.

While it may seem like we don’t spend a lot money on them, they can still be used to save us money. Greeting cards usually can range from 99¢ to $5.00 or more. Whether they are for birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, thanks or getting well—they can affect our spending little by little.

If we take the mid-price of $2.50 and give out 10 per year, that’s $25.00 that we probably didn’t budget or plan for. It just creeps out of nowhere even though we know it’s coming. What if we do 20 per year ($50) or 40 ($100)?

Greeting cards are a great place to cut down or eliminate our spending. Some ways to save are easier than others and some are more meaningful than others. Let’s check out some ways that we can save on greeting cards.

Buy them at the dollar store. The dollar stores usually have a fairly decent selection of greeting cards and you can usually find them for a buck. Sometimes you might even be able to find them 2 for a dollar and some stores may even carry sets, like an 8 or 10 pack of “thank you” cards, party invitations or even Christmas cards.

It’s usually worth checking out, just don’t get sucked in by all the other stuff in the store. In the past I’ve had many problems with buying something just because it was only a dollar, this is one of the quickest ways to accumulate junk and unnecessary stuff, trust me.

Create and print greeting cards on your computer. It’s okay to print it on standard printer paper, most people don’t even think about it, but it depends on the people. This can be a quick and easy solution to giving home-made cards and there is usually a bit more meaning to these. You can always use your Swagbucks toolbar to search (and hopefully win) for printable greeting cards.

Look for coupons or store Catalina promotions to get free or really cheap greeting cards. Right now, I have about 100 or so greeting cards that probably cost me about $4.00 total from using store Catalina promotions.

Home-made cards can sometimes be the best gifts of all. You can use regular printer paper or low-cost card stock paper to make wonderful treasures for those who are special to you. You can use markers, crayons, pencils, pastels, paint, glitter, stickers, photos or whatever to make them.

There are so many options when making your own and you have the ability to save a bunch of dough. To some people, getting a home-made card is a gift itself; if you have kiddos, then you probably know what I mean. 😉

Even my honey will make me cards sometimes (they tend to be rather large) and it totally rocks my world. I would rather have home-made cards than generic store bought cards any day. It also shows people how much you really care when you take the time and thought to do it.


How do you save money on greeting cards?

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