6 Free Financial Resources & Tools to Improve Your Finances — 24 Comments

  1. I love, and fell in love with TurboTax last year (TurboTax is outstanding in terms of user interface and user experience).

    This is a wonderful post. Useful stuff, and very well written!

  2. I love ING too. I sometimes login to Mint, but it’s too complicated for me. I’m good with just a spreadsheet and my spending reports.

    • Some people just prefer taking care of it themselves, I’m one of them. Although, I did recently sign up with Mint again to give them another try. :-)

  3. I think I’m going to have to get more organized and start using more of these services. I used TurboTax last year and it was way easier than trying to do my taxes by hand. Mint in particular is one that I should try sooner rather than later. It seems like an awesome way to improve my budgeting and get my spending under control.

    • Getting finances oganized can take some time, but (in my opinion) it’s well worth it. TurboTax definitely rocks, I hope they stick around forever. :-)

    • Sometimes I think I might be a bit biased because ING has done so much for me. I do have plans to look into other banking options to see what other great stuff is out there; still, I don’t think I’ll find anything too much better than ING. :-)

  4. 4/6 on your list… guess which ones?

    Haha, nice list. I have to say that Mint is my favorite – incredible time saver across the ridiculous number of account owned by my wife and yours truly (30 something…)

    • Well I know Mint is one of them. :-) Having lots of accounts can get really confusing and time-consuming to keep up with.

    • Yeah, I’ve seen the rates too. So far, at least for the ones I’ve seen, it’s not substantial enough for me to consider transferring my money out of ING. I used to use Credit Karma to check my credit score, but since I tried out Credit Sesame—they’ve become my new favorite. :-)

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