Are You Saving Money With Online Coupons?

Online coupons; they are everywhere. The weirdest thing (in my opinion) is that not everybody takes advantage of the savings.

Why would you pay more for something when you can get it for less?

It’s not like it takes a long time to find an online coupon, really it’s usually just a couple of minutes for me. What if 2 minutes could save you 10% on a purchase? Would it be worth it?

Whether it’s an online coupon for dollars off, a percentage off or free shipping, it’s still saving you money. So isn’t it worth a couple of minutes here and there to save a few extra bucks with each purchase?

Whether you are buying clothes, there are coupons available out there such as Nike coupons, eBay coupons which are found everywhere online.

Of course not all online stores give out coupons codes, but so many of them do. Remember, small savings adds up over time—that’s how I got to where I am today.

Are you saving money with online coupons? Or are you paying more for things than you need to? What could you do with the extra savings?

All it takes to save money with online coupons, is a quick search for the store and then you just click on a link. Really, it can be that easy. Then you save money…what’s not to love about the simplicity of that?

What if you don’t care about saving money? Or what if you want to save money and help others at the same time? Well, it’s your lucky day.

I recently became acquainted with an online coupon site ( that donates a meal to a hungry child with each online purchase you make. I think that is beyond awesome.

For every online purchase you make, you can save money with an online coupon—plus you can feed a hungry child. This is a great way to help others, especially for those who cannot afford to give.


Are you using online coupons to save money or give back?

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Are You Saving Money With Online Coupons? — 18 Comments

  1. I don’t and there is no other reason for that than general lack of organisation. I suppose that I have been operating at such level of commitment (work) for so long that anything, even 2 minutes, seems like a great effort. Another reason is that I tried Groupon and had very bad experience. Were I to link using coupons with something worthwhile – e.g. providing a meal for a child – I’ll probably find it easier but there is nothing like that in the UK that I know of. Off to check :)
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  2. My fiance and I are huge on coupons! You should see us at Bed Bath and Beyond, we have coupons that we got from back in 2008 (interestingly they take coupons nearly 10 years old!). My personal favorite is, you can find all the coupons your heart desires without ever getting up from your computer 😉
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