August 2011 Review

 august 2011 review

We are now about 75% finished with one of our financial goals for 2011. Which is to have $1,000 in each of our 4 accounts. ;-)  The above charts shows all of our progress on this goal through August 2011. Below, you will find my earnings and savings for August 2011. I can’t wait until these are all full.

$$$ EARNINGS $$$

Earnings from survey sites:
My Survey- $10.00

TOTAL= $10.00

Earnings from shopping:
Cash-back Shopping– $21.24

TOTAL= $21.24

Earnings from Bank Offers & Interest:
Interest- $5.01

TOTAL= $5.01

Earning from paid emails & searching sites:
Swagbucks– $25.00

TOTAL= $25.00

Earning from other stuff:
Cash Crate
You Data- $0.19
Selling Stuff- $184.00

TOTAL= $206.03




$$$ SAVINGS $$$

Savings from not having to spend:
Using coupons- $25.55
Store loyalty card usage- $10.89

TOTAL= $36.44

Savings from Automatic Transfers:
Automatic ING transfers– $69.00
Automatic US Bank transfers- $5.00
401K Contributions- $209.15

TOTAL= $283.15

Other Tactics:
Paycheck to Paycheck plan- $91.50
Roth IRA contributions$75.00
Betterment contributions– $40.00

Saving on purpose- $185.01

TOTAL= $391.51




Did you earn any additional income this month?

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August 2011 Review — 4 Comments

  1. Congrats on continuing to save in August. That’ s great. We have been working on changing our budget recently so we can save more each month. September is a trial run though. Once we see how we do then we will implement something a bit more permanently.

    • Thanks Miss T. :-) Budget transitions can sometimes be a bit tricky, hope your goes smoothly. I really need to make some changes to ours as well.

  2. Great job! It always amazes me to see all the things you save money on. Keep up the good work – you are great motivation for me to try harder to be frual (I think I do alright at it too, so that’s saying something. 😉 )

    • Thanks 20’s Finances. :-) I’ve been slacking a bit with my online earnings as well as ways to save money. Little by little though, it all adds up.