You Can’t Always Respond To Every Comment

A while back, I wrote a post about how some bloggers never respond to comments. Ever since that post, I’ve made responding to each and every comment a priority (even though that’s what I was doing before).

Blog Carnivals

When I started hosting blog carnivals, I started feeling a little ridiculous for responding to the many variations of “thanks for including my post.” Really, those comments don’t need an actual response.

Those comments are left for 2 reasons, sometimes both:

  1. To let the blogger know that you appreciate them including your post.
  2. To get a super-easy link back to your site from leaving one of the easiest comments ever.

Honestly, there isn’t anything wrong with that…I’ve done it myself. Plus, it’s nice that they acknowledge the inclusion at all.


I’m also a big fan of hosting giveaways, though I wish the regular readers would enter them more (hint, hint). Giveaways can receive tons of comments, so I decided in the beginning that I would only respond to them if there was an issue, question or something else needing a response.

Otherwise, I would be spending hours and hours responding to comments that nobody would ever check back on. Thus making myself look silly for wasting that much time when I’m always way behind as it is.

PS- There’s another giveaway coming soon, I’m just working on ways to enter right now.


This is the one that really got me. It seems like if I don’t respond to each and every comment, that I’m being rude and unappreciative of the time the reader spent to leave the comment. I’ve been on the commenting side of this and know that it sucks when you continue to leave comments and they never get replied to.

The problem with responding to every comment is that there isn’t always something to say. So when you go in and try to find a response, you just sound like a blundering idiot trying to reply. This is my biggest issue.

I put off replying to comments because I know there are going to be comments that don’t need a response. Then the comments add up, then another post is published with more comments, and so on. I start to dread the comments, and it shouldn’t be that way.

New Plan For Responding To Comments

Blog Carnivals & Giveaways: I will read (and appreciate) them all, but not respond unless absolutely necessary.

Posts: I will also read and cherish these, but won’t reply unless: a question is asked, somebody is being really dumb or I actually have something to say in response.

I hope everybody is okay with this, especially since only about 10% of you come back to that post after leaving a comment. :-)

I’m not trying to be anti-social or diminish the sense of community that bloggers are supposed to strive for, just keep my sanity and not waste time sounding like a fool.

Feel free to email me or chat with me on twitter though, I’m always up for both. :-)


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You Can’t Always Respond To Every Comment — 24 Comments

  1. That’s the same policy I’ve taken on for comments and it has made life a lot less stressful. There’s nothing worse than trying to come up with a response for something like “I liked this post!” So unless someone asks a direct question or says something that warrants a response, I don’t reply. It’s not that I don’t love and appreciate my commenters, because I do, but I figure the people who leave a one-liner probably aren’t coming back to look for my responses anyway.

  2. I definitely don’t think you need to respond to every comment, but I do think it is essential that you’re part of the conversation taking place in the comments. So, I think you’re on point with leaving a couple comments that matter instead of trying to respond to every single one.

  3. I’m really ok with your new commenting plan :) I still don’t consider myself as a bloger but I think about myself as a reader. And I don’t leave comments like “Great post” or “I like it” and nothing after that because I think I look quite… you know… silly. But I like leaving comments in “congratulations” category because I really like hearing/reading about great stories, somebody completed his goal, started another chapter in his life, etc. I just want to show that I’m happy for him/her. Then, of course, I don’t come back to see the reply. But I come back to the blog to read more posts. What I don’t like is when somebody really doesn’t care about what I want to say, doesn’t respond to my comments but in the same time I can see that he replied only to the bloggers who he knows. Or to those who are from USA because he wants to sell something there. And then, when I spent almost half an hour to write a valuable comment, checking all needed details in internet and to take part in important discussion… it could be nice to hear something back. As the College Investor said, it’s not about commenting everything, it’s just about being the part of conversation.
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  4. I’m with you. On roundup posts or carnival posts, I don’t respond to comments nor do I think that the people leaving the comments expect me to. I go through and reply to comments on a daily basis (or at least 3-4 times a week) and while I don’t respond to every comment, it’s usually because the comments often say roughly the same thing, and my personal response would be a little silly if I just said the same thing. What I will try to do is take note of comments that I may have not responded to, and if they’re so kind as to leave a comment another time, I’ll respond to theirs. I’m not sure how much difference it makes but I’d like to think it does keep some readers coming back. I know I’ve left sites where I left comment after comment only to never get a response back. It’s bad enough when bloggers don’t respond to any comments at all but when they respond to only their ‘buddies’ and overlook every comment I leave then that’s a surefire way to get me to quit reading that blog. Not naming names, though I will just say that she can have her five cents back. Oops :)
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  5. I do my best to respond to all comments although those 2 word comments, I have nothing to say really. I enjoy engaging with the fans and surprisingly fans come back to chat more so than Bloggers in a back to back comment conversation although I get the odd ones that respond back. Would you ever hire someone to comment for you? I wouldn’t but that’s just me, I like talk too much lol.
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  6. Thanks for providing your opinion on this. I haven’t received any comments on my new blog yet but I hope to in the future. This is the first blog post I have come across that has information on how to handle comments so it is much appreciated. You don’t have to reply to this one. :)
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