Changes to Swagbucks TV

Sure, it was bound to happen eventually, but it still sucks. You might already know that Swagbucks was awarding us 5 Swagbucks for every 20 videos we watched. After they had included the continuous watch option, soon came the “I’m Still Here” button. This was to make sure people weren’t just leaving it running all day long without actually watching.

And now, continuous watching is gone as well as the “I’m Still Here” button. For me, this means that I can no longer sit back and watch while I do other things, unless I want to click on a new video every minute or so. That gets old quickly. So, on to the brighter side. If you do still watch the Swagbucks TV, you will be able to earn 3 Swagbucks for every 10 videos now. That means for every 20 videos you watch, you will earn an extra Swagbuck. I can totally understand their reasoning, even though it sucks for me. If people aren’t watching the little ads before the videos, then the advertisers will stop paying Swagbucks.

My suggestion would be for Swagbucks to let us watch just the ads for Swagbucks. I really don’t need to watch these little videos over and over, I’m just in it for the Swagbucks.

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