Earn Cash-back for doing your taxes

Doing taxes just plain sucks. Since I have been using the Turbo Tax online service, they haven’t been that bad. Imagine my surprise when I realized that we could earn cash-back for doing our taxes online. :-)

All you have to do is sign in to your cash-back shopping account (or sign-up), type turbo tax into the search for stores/cash-back field and then click on turbo tax. I am actually a little excited to do them now.

Here are 3 of my favorite cash-back sites below with their cash-back amounts. You can click on any of the images below to go to their sites and log-in or sign-up.

12% Cash-back

8% Cash-back

7.5% Cash-back


We file our federal & state taxes online with Turbo Tax. So here is what it would look like for us:

Federal Taxes Deluxe Edition= $29.95
State Taxes= $36.95

Total for both= $66.90

So, if we used Big Crumbs, we would earn $8.02 in cash-back
Shop at Home, we would earn $5.35 in cash-back
Ebates, we would earn $5.01

Personally, I am going to use Big Crumbs for filing my taxes this year and earn $8.02 in cash-back. :-) In addition, I will be using my debit card with the cash-back (only 1/4 of 1%, but better than nothing) to earn a whopping 16 cents extra. Sounds silly, but It All Adds Up! really.

Make it even better: by using a rewards credit card to earn points, miles or cash-back.

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