Earn Money Online: MyPoints

I really love MyPoints, there are so many ways to earn with them, and it’s easy.

Ways to Earn With MyPoints:

Reading Emails-MyPoints sends out emails quite often, a good amount of them will earn you 5 points when you click on the “get points” button. Sometimes you can earn more points for registering with the companies, or printing certain coupons and stuff like that. These emails usually contain offers to earn more points, mostly through making a purchase.
Surveys- Fairly often, you might receive emails with invitations to take a survey. These are really cool, because if you click on it and don’t qualify for the survey, you still get 10 points. These can add up pretty quickly.
Shopping- You can earn points when shopping through the links at MyPoints. What I like about this, is that sometimes they have a promotion going where you can earn double points, sometimes more.
Deal Share- You can earn 5 points a day for sharing one of the Daily Deals on the Deal Share page on Facebook. Once per day, but still about 150 points a month. I’m not 100% sure if they still give points for this, I haven’t shared anything via Facebook for a very long time.
Point Finder-You can earn 100 points when you download and install the MyPoints toolbar. Also, you can earn up to 75 points every month for doing searches with it.
Referrals- You can earn 10% of your referral’s qualified earnings. I think this is for anything 10 points and over, so this doesn’t count the 5 points from emails and such.
Offers- Earn points for completing offers.
Grocery Coupons– You can earn 10 points for every coupon you print and redeem. You can also earn a 25 point bonus if you print and redeem 10 coupons in a month.

Getting Paid With MyPoints:

MyPoints has a TON of gift cards to choose from, and recently added PayPal. So, if you need cash, opt for the PayPal transfer, but it does cost more points than gift cards.

How I do MyPoints:

I get my 5 points from the emails, sometimes do some of the free offers in the emails, definitely do my 31+ searches monthly to earn the 75 points, try to take the surveys, refer friends and sometimes use the shopping when my favorite cash-back shopping sites don’t offer much. I try to wait for $25.00 gift cards because they save a few points opposed to getting the smaller ones.

$$$$$$$$$$ It All Adds Up! $$$$$$$$$$

How Much You Can Earn With MyPoints:

Assuming you get 6 emails that will pay 5 points each per week and click on them to get your points, download the toolbar and do at least 31 searches monthly. You could probably earn about 2,400 points per year. This is super-simple easy stuff, if you put a bit more effort into it, you could probably earn between 4,000 to 10,000 points per year.

Earn More Money From MyPoints:

Of course you do, because MyPoints is fabulous. Just look around, see if there is anything else you wouldn’t mind doing and cash in. :-)

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Earn Money Online: MyPoints — 2 Comments

  1. MyPoints has been pretty good to me. Over the last 4+ years, they have supplied me with countless gift cards all for little more than clicking on an email or using their site as a portal to my real destination. I run all of the office purchases from Office Depot through there, which makes the points add up really quickly. It’s actually paying for my subscription to iTunes Match (assuming the gift card ever arrives).

    • Yeah, they make it pretty easy to earn gift cards—plus there are so many to choose from. I use the shopping too (with points back) when it’s a better deal than other cash back shopping places are offering. :-)