How to trade your Swagbucks in for PayPal cash

Since lots of people end up finding my blog due to searching for how to trade in Swagbucks for PayPal cash, I figured it’s about time to do this post. I feel kinda bad that before people would search for it, come here and find nothing. :-( Also, as much as I brag about how awesome Swagbucks is, I should have done this quite some time ago. So I went ahead and took some screen clippings Saturday night when I was cashing out for the $25 PayPal cash. You don’t have to cash out for $25, there are a lot more options for PayPal now. Assuming you have enough Swagbucks in the first place (700 or more) here’s what you do:

#1 From the Swagbucks homepage, click on Swag Store

swagbuckspaypal1#2 Click on Gift & Rewards Cards


#3 Go through the store and find the PayPal cash card you want (I’m doing the $25 card for this example) then click on the image of it.


#4 Click on Snag This!


#5 A little pop-up window comes up and wants to make sure your email address with Swagbucks is the same as your PayPal email address. If it is, click on Snag It! otherwise change your email address.


#6 Now you should be at the confirmation page, make sure your address is correct. I honestly don’t know why they need you to do this since the PayPal cash is sent to PayPal—but better safe than sorry. If your address is correct, click on Submit Order (I accidentally cut it off).


#7 Now you are at the Order Confirmation page, here they’re telling you that you have to check your email and click on the link in it to finish verifying. I usually get the email in less than a minute. Go check your email.


#8 In your email, click on Verify This Order


#9 Your order has now been verified. Now just wait for your money to arrive in your PayPal account. :-)


It seems like a lot of steps when do it like this but in reality it only takes me about a minute from start to finish. I hoped this helped.


For more information about Swagbucks, you can view my post about Swagbucks.

If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment or email me.


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How to trade your Swagbucks in for PayPal cash — 17 Comments

    • Have you ever considered just using their search bar to passively rack up points? I don’t even notice it anymore (using the search bar).

    • Thanks Hunter. :-) I really suck at generating traffic; I never thought it would, I just wanted to help out current readers and help the searchers not be too disappointed. If it brings traffic then that would be an awesome bonus.

    • My biggest recommendation would be to download the Swagbucks toolbar, you earn 1 Swagbuck for each day it’s open and you can just type all your searches right into it. It’s the easiest way to earn them. Also the daily polls give you another Swagbuck every day and the No Obligation Special Offers (NOSO) give you yet another 2 Swagbucks each day. Those are the quickest and easiest ways. If you want to know some other ways, you can check out my Swagbucks page I made.

      *for searches, I even type in “Master the Art of Saving” to get to my page. I could bookmark stuff but it’s more fun to win Swagbucks for it. :-) Hope that helps you rake in the Swagbucks Suba.

  1. so yeah i kind of found another way to add some easy swag bucks

    Go to bing rewards, become a bing rewards member and everytime you get to 500 bing reward points (can easily do once a month) you can send 500 bing points and convert them to 500 swagbucks, 5 months later you have a 25 dollar paypal gift card just from bing :)

  2. Im from india. How many swagbucks do we need to cash out. Is there a minimum limit.?? And also i cant download toolbar from google playstore. Can u please guide me??

  3. If I bought this with my Swag points, Can i Re-purchase it when i get enough points again? I’m hoping this isn’t a 1-time deal :(

  4. I am confused about people saying they cant accumulate swagbucks! I cashed in £5 gbp weds last, today is saturday and i am an anooying FIVE points short of another £5. I am on lots of survey panels and swagbucks is my biggest earner!! all it takes is a little effort:-)