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Welcome to the June 16th edition of the Lifestyle Carnival. Enjoy.


Steven @ Canadian Personal Finance writes Do Canadians Need Extra Insurance if They Drive in the U.S.? – You’re taking a trip to the U.S., but you’re not sure if you need extra car insurance coverage. U.S. laws are a bit different from Canadian laws. Fortunately, your insurer likely has you covered.

Lazy Man @ Lazy Man and Money writes How to Save Money in Vegas – I recently returned from a trip to Sin City. The weather was great and the people were friendly, but wow can it be expensive. Lucky for you, I have some ways you can save money on the Vegas strip. I was a Vegas virgin (so to speak), so these are the low hanging fruit – the hard core Vegas visitors will likely have more money saving tips.



GMD @ Girl Meets Debt writes ”Staying Trendy On A Not So Trendy Budget” – ”Learning how to look fabulous on a frugal budget sounds challenging – but not impossible! Here are some simple tips to looking trendy on a not so trendy budget…”



Alice @ Drop the Cookies! writes Stop sabotaging your weight loss by waiting for a fresh start! – Whether your fresh start is beginning on a Monday, the 1st of the month, the new year…it doesn’t matter. The main point is that you are waiting, not acting right now.

Jordann @ Making Sense of Cents writes Finding Time For It All – Summer Edition – Summer is here, and with it comes unique challenges of trying to fit all of your responsibilities into the available hours in the day.

Alexis @ FITnancials writes Reasons To Live A Healthy Lifestyle – Many people have no idea why fitness enthusiasts do what they do. I’ve heard people ask why skinny people were in the gym in the first place. This and other things I’ve heard blow my mind and even set off my temper a little bit. But I hear this so much and overtime realized you can’t get mad over people’s opinions and thoughts.

Robert @ Kids Ain’t Cheap writes 356 Days… – 356 days is how long I was able to breastfeed. Nine days short of baby girls first birthday. Try as I might I don’t think she’ll be able to get one more ounce out of me. With returning to work full-time just two weeks ago, I’ve noticed a big dip in my supply, combined with the fact that baby girl seems to be loosing interest in the whole thing.

Matt Becker @ Mom and Dad Money writes Is a Coffee Habit Comparable to a Debt Habit? – Both coffee and debt allow you to borrow resources (energy/money) that you don’t naturally have available. I explore how these habits are similar, and how they can both be harmful or beneficial depending on how they’re used.

Miss T. @ Prairie Eco Thrifter writes How to Beat the Office Bulge – I’ve recently decided I am not going to give in to my whims all the time, and here’s how I’ve been able to ward off the office bulge:



David Bar @ Bar Whiz Blog writes Best Types Of Bars For Bachelor Parties – Not everyone can have a wild and crazy night in Vegas or Bangkok for their bachelor party, but at least with this list of the best types of bars, you too can wake-up to a hangover but in the comfort of your own town.

DPF @ Digital Personal Finance writes Smartphone Addiction: Does it Apply to You or Someone You Know? – It seems like people are on their smartphones everywhere, in almost every setting. When does one cross the line from enthusiastic about phones to being hooked on them?

Mrs. PoP @ Planting Our Pennies writes He Said She Said: On Superstores – Mr and Mrs. PoP debate the pros and cons of superstores.



MMD @ IRA vs 401k Central writes What are the 401k Withdrawal Rules for Getting My Money Back? – Before putting too much money into your employers retirement plan, it helps to understand the 401k withdrawal rules and when you’ll see your money again.

MMD @ My Money Design writes My Broker Lets Me DRIP Stocks – Why That’s Great – I recently found out that my account has a feature to DRIP stocks. This is great news because it means I’ll be able to put the dividends to work and accelerate building my fortune!

Todd @ Modest Money writes ”Immodest Money” – ”If Modest Money is about living modestly with your money

Carrie Smith @ ReadyForZero Blog writes How Does Credit Card Debt Affect Your Credit Score? – Do you ever wonder how much of an affect credit card debt has on your credit score? This article explains how credit scores are broken down to take the guess work out of figuring it out.

Grayson @ Debt Roundup writes How I Paid Off Over $50,000 Of Credit Card Debt – I struggled with credit card debt for years, but then I decided to make a change. It took me 4 years, but I was able to pay off my over $50,000 worth of credit card debt. Here is how I did it.

JohnS @ Frugal Rules writes How to Invest in Stocks When You Do Not Know Where to Start – Investing in stocks, or anything in the market, can be overwhelming for many. The key to overcoming that fear is knowing where to start and educating yourself so that you can set up an investment portfolio that’ll help you grow your wealth and reach your long-term retirement goals.

Little House @ Little House in the Valley writes Tiny House Living – Not surprisingly, with the demise of the housing boom, some people started to rethink what it means to be a homeowner. Do people/families need 2,000+ square feet to live comfortably? Can you buy a house without a mortgage? What defines a tiny, small, and little house?

Bill Fay @ The Frugal Toad writes Why You Should Start Saving for Retirement Now – Today is the day we’re going to clean out the garage, weed the garden, paint the kid’s bedroom — and start saving for retirement. Those all are chores that we know should have been done yesterday, but we think can wait until tomorrow. The garage, bedroom and garden can wait. Retirement savings can’t.



Ray @ Squirrelers writes 20 Frugal Ways to Enjoy Outdoor Summer Fun – With summer weather here, it’s time to enjoy the outdoors! This post shares 20 ways that we can do this frugally.

Jason @ Live Real Now writes I’d Tap That: Making Life Difficult for Government Spying – There you are, the whats, whys, and hows of modern, hassle-light, private communications. Doing what we can to foil bad government programs is our patriotic duty.

Penny Thots @ Penny Thots writes What To Do with Your Deceased Loved One’s Clothing – When a loved one dies, it’s often difficult to figure out what to do with their clothing, especially items with sentimental value and/or that are too worn to pass on to others. Instead of boxing up the clothes and storing them in the attic or basement, you can use them in a quilt.



Mr.CBB @ Canadian Budget Binder writes Mr.CBB’s Strawberry Cheesecake Streusel Muffins – If you enjoy summer berries as much as I do you will love this strawberry cheesecake streusel muffin. The cheesecake layer melts into the muffin to lend just enough sweetness to balance with the strawberries, topped with a beautiful crisp.

Tamar @ Deviled Eggs 101 writes Deviled Egg Potato Salad – Deviled Egg Potato Salad is a delicious variation of traditional deviled egg recipes. Instead of serving the eggs alone, the potato salad mix allows you to incorporate a number of additional tasty ingredients.


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