Mailbox Goodies- from May 8th ooops!

Yeah, yeah, I know it’s like 12 days late. So, here’s what I got this time:

 2 Purina Pet Gear Training pads (for the puppy) and a $1 off coupon. I hate to say bad things, but these sucked! After an hour, there was still a puddle (gross). Are these supposed to be non-absorbent? Maybe I missed something. I’m glad these were a free sample and now I know not to buy them.

Check for $1.00 yay! This was from the Rite Aid Single Check Rebate program. I got an item for free using coupons/sales/rewards, and this $1.00 check made it into a money-maker. It’s not much, but It All Adds Up!

My Fred Meyer Rewards came, and I did better than last time. This time I got a reward for $11.46, and my 2 favorite coupons that came with it are: Save $2 off your produce purchase of $2 or more & Save $2 off your paper towel/plate/tissue or tp purchase of $2 or more.

Travel-size Degree Women with motion sense deodorant sample with a coupon for $1 off any 1 of that variety. That means if I find the travel-size in that particular variety, I can most likely score another free one.

Why am I telling you what I got in the mail? To show you all the stuff you can get for free just by signing up for free samples. These really can save you money and can be beneficial.

Did you get anything cool in the mail lately?

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