Making Sure Your Money is Safe Online

Although there are some people who are reluctant to make purchases online due to security concerns, there is no doubt that online shopping is the preferred method of consumerism for many people. Home shopping and entertainment options, such as online betting, and gaming, are extremely popular, but it can be difficult to know what companies you can trust to take care of your card transactions.

People who aren’t so keen on making transactions via the internet are probably concerned about the security risks of divulging bank details online, and with so many reports of online scams in the media, this reluctance is perhaps understandable.

However, shopping online with reputable companies is a not just a convenience, but also a necessity for some people, but if you are concerned about just how secure your transactions may be, there are some things you can do to ensure you don’t fall prey to an online scam.

Choose Your Entertainment Wisely

As the number of online app and game purchases continue to rise, so does the opportunity for scammers to take money from unsuspecting consumers. Online entertainment provided by gaming, casino and sports betting companies can be safely accessed through reputable sites, such as Betway, that also work in conjunction with authorised payment methods. These sites also give you the option to make money, as well as ensuring your cash is protected, and Betway currently offers numerous incentives, such as the fact that they’ll match your deposit up to £500. When dealing with amounts in this range, it is therefore even more important to choose a trustworthy company to handle your transactions.

Have you Heard of the Company?

Reputable companies have secure methods of payment, ensuring your details are kept safe from prying eyes. Banks also protect you from online fraud by enabling you to process payments with extra precautions such as passwords. If you don’t recognise the company from which you are considering making a purchase, don’t use them, unless a trusted friend has already used them and can vouch for them. You should also be able to use authorised payment methods which protect your money and details, such as PayPal or password reliant transactions. These methods should be clearly advertised on the site, giving you peace of mind each time you use their services.

Protect Your Computer

If your device doesn’t have the appropriate anti-virus protection, you could be leaving yourself open to credit card fraud and online theft. Scammers and hackers could easily access your personal information, such as passwords and bank details, but with the right security package you can make sure you are protected. Invest in a high level package such as Norton or Avira and keep your details safe.

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