Money & Goals: Weekly Update #1

Weekly Spending:

I’m still trying to decide how to format our weekly spending, so I don’t have the numbers for last week. Also, I’m not sure if I will be doing things the same as before, so please bear with me for now.

But I can tell you a little about our spending this last week. We put aside money for mortgage and bills, filled up the gas tank, got a little bit of groceries, bought our cigarettes (yes, I know), got Honey his alcohol and now we’re close to broke.

We still saved a little bit though, thanks to our automatic transfers and saving for our Roth IRA, but that only comes to $100 each paycheck. Of course, $25 of that is being put away to pay our car insurance in full to save some extra money.

Bi-weekly income: $1,347.72
Pre-tax 401k contributions (1%): $18.00
Roth IRA contributions: $25.00
Saved for Car Insurance: $25.00
Other Savings: $75.00


2013 Goals Progress:

Goal #1 Save up the cash for a Second Car

weekly savings goal update 1There has been absolutely no overtime this year, but we got lucky with our tax refund. It was substantially more than I had estimated, which is a great reason to underestimate incoming money. :-)

Add that in with our Christmas money, housewarming money, automatic transfers and the money we had already saved up in our Car Expenses Fund. Very nice.

We’re almost halfway to my goal of saving $13,000 and now is when it’s going to start getting difficult. The large windfalls are going to be few and far between, so I’m going to have to reduce our expenses even further if I want to meet my goal.

Goal #2 Minimize, Digitize, Organize and Go Paperless

I spent a lot of time sorting through stuff and getting a good idea of what needs to be done.

I’ve also consolidated a lot of my back-ups from over the last 6 years, that was just crazy. There were so many duplicate files and images, but that’s what happens when you don’t keep your digital stuff organized.

For the photo scanning, nothing has been done at all. I think my first step should be to look into the photo books (pricing, sizes, etc). I think that will help me from scanning so many photos. Do I really need to scan all 60 photos of our daughter’s 1st birthday? Probably not.

Goal #3 Take Time For Myself

Well, if you guessed my progress with this goal would suck; you were right. I’ve given it a couple half-hearted attempts, but nothing more. I really just need to stay away from the internet in the morning, you know…until I have other more important stuff tackled.

Mini goals for this week:

1) Have at least $5 (preferably more) in leftovers to add to the car goal.
2) Paint my fingernails. I haven’t painted them in close to 2 months and it’s getting kind of boring. No going out and getting a manicure though, must save money and do it at home.
3) Check into the photo books like I mentioned above.
4) Scan at least 10 items (most likely papers)
5) Read at least 1 chapter in a fun book.


How did you do on your spending and goals this last week?
Am I the only one who’s slacking on my 2013 goals?

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Money & Goals: Weekly Update #1 — 15 Comments

  1. I just bought a condo so I can definitely understand the momentary extreme brokeness that’s going on. I think you’re doing great with what you make but maybe you can go a bit DIY and save a ton of money while getting super cool stuff on the cheap.

    For example, we were in desperate need of a coffee table and they’re not cheap, like $150 is low (we’re in NYC so things are crazy..). Instead of buying a coffee table we got 4 mini wooden crates, staned them and screwed them together in a spiral. It’s hard to describe but it looks vintage and we always get compliments on it. The best part is it only cost us $40 for crates, stain, screws and well, the corks from the wine we drink I’ll consider free 😉
    Listen Money Matters recently posted..Build Credit Without A Credit CardMy Profile

    • My backs are: on my laptop, usb drive, external hard drive and some older ones were on DVD-ROMs too.

      I’m hoping to get rid of all the papers that you aren’t required to hang onto and just keep digital copies. I’m also hoping to scan all of our photos too.

      This stuff takes a ton of time, but I think it will be worth it in the end. :-) It better be. lol
      Jen Perkins recently posted..Net Worth Update~ March 2013My Profile

  2. Good job with your goals! I really like your bar graph thingy. It sure helps to have a visual!

  3. I really like your goals #2 and 3. Both are things that I need to do myself. I have not been getting enough “me” time at all and my files/computer organization is horrible. Every year around tax time I vow to do better next year. Then I do well for two months but it quickly fades and then it’s back to the old habbits.
    Will @ HackingTheBank recently posted..New Market Highs: Time to Sell?My Profile