Money & Goals: Weekly Update #3

This is a little bit late, I had finished it and scheduled it for Friday. Unfortunately, I messed up scheduled it for next Friday. So better late then never. :-)

Weekly Spending:

Same old, same old. No extraordinary deviations from our current spending.

So far this payperiod:

Income: $1,347.72
Pre-tax 401k contributions (1%): $18.00
Roth IRA contributions: $25.00
Saved for car insurance: $25.00
Other Savings: $50.00


2013 Goals Progress:

Goal #1 Save up the cash for a 2nd Car

weekly car savings update 3 15 13The only extra money I added to saving for the second car, was the $12.50 I cashed out from ibotta. It’s better than nothing, but I would like to earn and save way more than this.

Thankfully, the extra $12.50 was just enough to move us up to 50%. Oh yeah! Halfway there.

Since our goal is $13,000, that means it takes $130 to move it up 1%. I’m starting to worry that we won’t make it on time. Already I’m freaking out about it being so long until I have a car, but if we can’t get the car on time…that’s just going to make it even worse. lol

Of course, we do have options. If I’m going so crazy without a car, we could always get a cheaper car earlier on. This would have drawbacks though, like not getting what I need or want in a car, getting a car that will need repairs sooner, lower gas mileage…etc.

I hope I can be more patient and just save like crazy, but I don’t know what’s going to happen just yet.


Goal #2 Minimize, Digitize, Organize and Go Paperless

Thankfully my scanning progress this week more than made up for the lack of scanning last week. I hate scanning stuff, it takes forever…especially with my lid falling off unless I hold it while putting stuff on the bed.

In addition to scanning a huge pile, I got rid of an equal sized pile that I didn’t really need to keep. Why is it so hard to part with stuff? Why do I think I will end up needing the dumbest stuff one day?

Goal #3 Take Time For Myself

Nope, not at all. I did a lot of things for other people and for the household in general, but not really anything for myself. Maybe next week.

Last week’s mini goals:

1) Scan 10 items. SUCCESS more like 50 items
2) Earn some money to add to car goal. SUCCESS cashed out $12.50 at ibotta
3) Read another chapter (or more). SORTA I was just a few pages shy
4) Cook mini-meatloaves and try freezing them SUPER SUCCESS Put in 14 hours for my first attempt at freezer cooking.
5) Take new photos of backyard for Facebook. PROCRASTINATED

Mini goals for this week:

1) Take the pictures of our backyard! It only takes a minute, I don’t know what my problem is
2) Scan 20 items
3) Read 2 chapters in a fun book
4) Make a list of things I can do to earn some freelance income online (not staff writing though, since I suck at writing)
5) Exercise at least once, I really need to get back into it


How did you do last week?
Are you working toward any goals?

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