Money vs Happiness- Which Really Matters Most?

$    vs     :-)

Most people will automatically say they would choose happiness over money, but is that true? They say “Money can’t buy happiness,” but it can do a lot of things. Having money can increase the quality of life, it gives us security and opens doors.

The lack of money as well as the abundance of it both come with their own problems, some worse than others. It reminds me of that show about lottery winners and how their lives just turned to $hit after winning.

Then there is the other side, people living on the streets and in their cars. There are families that can’t even buy food for their children, and worry day to day whether they will have a roof over their heads.

So here’s my scenario:

Both options would require you to work at this job until the age of 65, not matter how much you make.

Option A

You work 60 hours a week at a high-stress job, make $200,000 a year and hate it more than anything.

Option B

You work 40 hours a week at a comfortable job, make $30,000 a year and are doing something you love and brings you happiness.

My choice would be Option B, because I have seen so many people stressed and unhappy with their jobs. We would just have to lower our standard of living and make due with what we had.

We wouldn’t be able to buy a big fancy house, nice cars or go on lots of vacations, but I would be happy. It would take more work to achieve financial goals, but if I was happy it probably wouldn’t bug me so much.

I just think if I picked Option A that I wouldn’t have any time to enjoy life and would just be a b*tch-monster.

So, which would you choose and why?

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