Moving in July—Escaping the Crappy Apartment

July is turning out to be a crazy month for us. The craziness is bringing change, both good and bad—and it’s really stressing me out. 😉

One of the biggest changes is that we are moving out of our apartment in July. We need to be all moved out and have the apartment sparkly clean and ready to turn over by July 31st.

It’s kind of ironic that I spent months decluttering and organizing our apartment to just end up moving. But that’s life…what are you gonna do?

Back in February, we resigned our lease for another year; we had already been in this apartment for 2 years then. Did we resign our lease because we loved our apartment and couldn’t imagine not relishing in the splendor of apartment bliss?

Absolutely not! It was more about bad timing, poor planning, lack of options and not wanting to pay for another pet deposit somewhere else.

The good news is that we don’t have to pay to break our lease, which is usually around $900 for this particular apartment. The reason we don’t have to pay to break it is because of all the stupid crap we’ve gone through with this apartment.

When we moved in over 2 years ago, the washing machine didn’t work and the guy fixed it wrong. This resulted in our apartment flooding the second day we were in the apartment. That really sucked.

Unfortunately, that was just the beginning of what we would have to deal with in this crappy apartment. I understand things go wrong and need fixing now and then, that’s no big deal…but it was just ridiculous.

The last straw was the maintenance people coming into our apartment when we weren’t home without permission. The next day, I found out (after spending 15 minutes in the shower trying to get warm water) that they had turned off our hot water the day before.

I was so mad, I stomped down to the office after trying to call them 3 times (95% of the time they don’t answer the phone). Imagine my surprise when they were fiddling around down there doing nothing (aside from ignoring the phone).

They sent somebody up to fix it, but I had to wait 4 hours for the water to heat back up. Aaaah!

Long story short, we’re moving out and not paying to break our lease. :-)

Now where will we go? Well, do you remember how I was talking about how my parents have a 9,000 square foot house? Yep, that’s right…we’re moving in with my parents. Dum-dum-dum!

I’m 30 now, so the thought of moving in with my parent doesn’t really get me all excited, but it’s going to be okay. We’re only planning to stay there for a few months and we will be able to save a ton of money.

Plus this will also help us because of some other stuff we have going on right now, but that’s another post itself.

We are going to be taking very, very little with us to my parent’s house. Most of our stuff will be going into a storage unit until we move out. I’m really hoping that through some miracle we can fit everything into a 10×10 unit to save money. I’ve been looking around online trying to find the best deal I can.

As far as I know, my parents won’t be charging us rent or anything. Of course, we’ll still pay for our own groceries and whatnot. A bonus for them having us move in is that they won’t have to pay somebody to clean their house. Since we’re staying there rent-free, the least I can do is offer free housecleaning. That should save them a couple hundred dollars a month.


Would you ever move back in with your parents (short-term) to save money?

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Moving in July—Escaping the Crappy Apartment — 26 Comments

  1. I moved back in with my mom for a couple of months so that we could save for our down payment for our house. It helped a lot!

    • Moving home is so much harder when you have a family (especially with a kid or so), but I’m sure we’ll all survive. Unfortunately, living at home wasn’t ever really fun. :-(

      But I really have fun saving money, so it’ll just have to make up for it.

  2. I probably would but moving my stuff twice would be more hassle than I could handle. I hate moving and that includes in and out of storage units. Good luck!

    • I’m right there with you, I have moved about once a year from birth until I was 26. This will be my 2nd time moving (into parents) in the last 4 years. I HATE MOVING!

      I’m hoping to be able to save a few thousand dollars in the next few months, so I’ll just suck it up. 😉

    • It really does make it easier, but we still seem to have a lot of stuff. I only notice because I’m having to pack it all, it really didn’t seem like way too much before. :-)

  3. Glad you’re getting out of that place! And I’d say that decluttering will probably make your impending packing all the less hellish. I don’t know if I’d move in with any set of parents. Relationships are one issue. Then for the others there’s the issue of space. It’s a good option to be able to save if you have a plausible situation, though!

    • Yeah, I couldn’t imagine having to pack up all the stuff I have gotten rid of.

      It’s always been really hard for me living with my parents, but it shouldn’t be too hard to hide in such a huge house. 😉

  4. I had already moved back home twice (once I graduated from school, while I was job hunting and the other time was when I transferred work sites when I got a new position). I know I would save so much more if I moved back home, then move into a house. I love my parents to death, but I really needed the space and privacy. My schedule is totally different. I start work at 6:30 am :(

  5. Now I remember you writing about your parent’s house and the Sunday that she called you to help her clean it. You may have already mentioned it, but did they buy this house after you left home? Just curious, cuz that’s definitely a lot of house for 2 people, as you have mentioned previously.

    Good to hear that you are moving in with them. I would imagine that in that amount of space you could go days without seeing them LOL. Or maybe I am just not good at imaging how big 9,000 square feet is :-)

    Sorry to hear your apartment living was such a nightmare. I would have been really upset. We have been renting a house for 3 years now after selling our brand new house back in 2009. A few things have gone wrong and we are always nervous about contacting the management company but so far they have responded quite quickly and done the repairs. Inside it is not the nicest house, but we have plenty of room and the location is perfect, as well as the price.

    Good luck with your move and with living at your parent’s house. I’m sure you will post about it :-)

    • I pretty much moved out from their house when I was 16, that was in Texas, I think. I ended up moving back in with them, in Illinois when I was 17. Then they had me move into their vacation condo in Vancouver, WA when I was 21—to help out. Then we ended up moving back into their condo when I was around 25, to pay off debt.

      They bought their ginormous house around 2 years ago. It’s weird because they call it their retirement home. I couldn’t imagine having to go up and down that many stairs when I’m really old.

      Thanks, I’m crossing my fingers. :-)

  6. 9000 sq feet, that’s insanely huge! I don’t think you’ll be tripping over eachother which should make things bearable. I’ve moved back home twice, the last time was to bridge the gap between my rental and the closing date of my house… it wasn’t horrible but my parents automatically fell back into ‘parenting’, a little annoying to have to tell them that no, they don’t need to know all details of my coming and goings. Saving the money will be helpful and I’m glad you’re out of a crappy place.

    • My mom has been the same way (as your parents) each time I’ve moved back home. I’m happy to be getting out of the crappy apartment and have an opportunity to get ahead in the savings department. :-)

  7. Hopefully the move back in with the parents works out! We were considering doing the same thing in order to save up more money for our next downpayment.

    • Thanks CF. :-) It’s nice to be able to take advantage of a great opportunity to save money, especially when so many people don’t have the option. I’m very grateful that we are.

  8. I hear ya, Jen! I’m escaping a crappy living situation and moving out in a month (though if you asked me a week ago that I’d be moving after only three months living there, I’d tell you that you were crazy). I would consider a quick move back in with the parents too if it were an option for me.

    Good luck with the move!

    • It was a pretty sudden thing for us too, but I had an idea that we’d be moving out in the near future anyway.

      Good luck on your move too, Stephanie. 😀

    • I’m hoping all the space will make things easier, it’s not as much fun living with my parents. :-)

  9. I guess, there’s nothing wrong with moving into your parent’s home, as long as it’s okay for them and they still want you to be with them, though you’re too old to be with them.

    Living with your parents is actually a great feeling.
    The feeling of being a family again is an awesome experience!

    Remember the 2011 movie “Jeff who lives in the house”? something similar to this!
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