Net Worth Update~ August 2012

august 2012 net worth update

Between packing and moving, trying to buy our first house and everything else…July just seemed to fly by for us. Still, with all our moving expenses and house buying expenses, I can’t believe we had a 12% increase in our net worth.

*Don’t forget, we’re currently able to save more right now because we’re staying with my parents for a couple of months while we get our first house.

Emergency Fund: Up $588.88. It’s a huge relief to see this moving back up after the stupid casino trip a while back. We’re definitely going to get this to $2,000 by the end of the year (2012 goals).

Savings: Up $757.36. This is a total for the following accounts:

I just created a brand-new House Fund account to save up for the plethora of expenses that owning a home is going to bring. We’ll also be using this to save our mortgage payments in for a while, just to keep things simple.


401K: Up $586.29. We’ve been putting a good amount of money in our 401k lately, so I’m not sure if we actually gained much (if anything). Still, it’s better than nothing.

Betterment: Up $12.09. This is all earnings here, I can’t even remember the last time we put money into our Betterment account.

Roth IRA: Up $37.04. This would normally be up $50 because that’s how much I contributed in July, but I finally did something with the money, instead of just letting it sit in there with barely any interest.

Pirates Gold: No change. :-(

Car: Up $862.00. This one is so silly, I don’t even like to comment on it. KBB is so weird.

House: I figured since we are buying our first house this will eventually need to go in here, so why not do it now since I’m such a scatterbrain.

Liabilities: None. Of course this will be changing soon once we buy our first house.


So, how did your Net Worth turn out this month?
Have you done it yet???

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