Net Worth Update~ February 2013

net worth February 2013

This is a great month for me, but good things come at a price. Particularly, the price for this good month (and those that will follow), is going to be a really, really awful month. That’s just what happens when you attempt to save up to pay cash for a car. :-)

Emergency Fund: Up $24.29. Yep, nothing but daily transfers and interest here. I do eventually plan to start adding money in here again (on purpose), but for now we have other financial priorities.

Savings: Up $740.57. This is a total for the following accounts:

Most of this is in the car expenses fund, since that’s where we’re saving the money for a second car. Aside from that, the daily transfers to our Christmas fund and House fund pretty much make up the rest…plus a little interest.

401K: Up $209.11. We still haven’t moved back up from our temporary 1% contributions, so this is mainly due to the market. We must move this up soon due to recent developments, but it’s going to be difficult to save up for a car at the same time—since overtime seems to be extinct in the foreseeable future.

Investments: Up $33.63. A little upward movement and dividend payouts. :-)

Roth IRA: Up $82.49. We only put $50 in here over the last month, so that’s pretty cool. Our Roth IRA is still tiny compared to what it should be at our age, but it’s getting there little by little.

Pirates Gold: stagnant. :-(

Car: Down $294.00. Yuck.

House: No change.


Liabilities: (Mortgage) Down $264.34Sometimes it feels like it’s going to take forever to get this on track. We’re not killing our mortgage, so I just need to be patient (which I am not).


So, how did your Net Worth turn out this month?
Have you done it yet???

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Net Worth Update~ February 2013 — 11 Comments

  1. I’ve been following your blog for a while now and finally started one of my own. I love how pretty your net worth spreadsheet looks so I made one just like it, but changed the colors. Thank you for inspiring me to get real about our finances.

  2. Jen, congrats on a beautiful spreadsheet and networth number!

    Question for you, is your mortgage worth more than your house or are you just counting Equity vs Debt? I ask because if you mortgage is less than your home, you should count the true value of your house. It will pump up that networth and you can always tap into that value when you go to sell your place.
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  3. I get paid bi weekly also and can save one of the checks, the other pays all my expenses for the month. So Im up 1800 from one paycheck, and did my taxes last weekend and between federal and state, will get a 950 refund. So Im up total profit 2750 for the month!:)