Net Worth Update~ January 2013

january 2013 net worth update

Better up than down. :-) We’re finally done with the blackout period that came with the company switching the 401k. So all of these numbers, except for the 401k amount (number from 18th), are from the 1st of January.

I don’t like blackouts, the account balance said $0.00 and that just kept creeping me out. Too bad they didn’t add a match while they were switching things up. :-(

Emergency Fund: Up $82.26. This is the result of daily transfers and some money I threw in to make sure I’d get to my goal of $2,000 for the year.

Savings: Down $214.42. This is a total for the following accounts:

We used the money we had been saving up for Christmas to buy presents. No big surprise.

401K: Up $518.27. I don’t know what this is all about, but we’ll take it with a smile. :-)

Investments: Down $5.13. It happens, thankfully it isn’t enough to get me worried. I was hoping to start adding more into our investment accounts this year, but it seems rather unlikely since we’re trying to pay cash for a car. Maybe next year.

Roth IRA: Up $76.20. Things are looking up a bit, but mostly it’s due to adding $25 each paycheck.

Pirates Gold: no change. I’ve been contemplating just cashing these in lately. We’re not adding to them, so they’re just sitting there and frustrating me each time I update our net worth.

Car: Down $287.00. This jumps around so much anyways, it’s hard to surprise me anymore.

House: No change. At least as far as we know.


Liabilities: (Mortgage) Down $263.52It’s getting there, little by little. I’ll just keep making payments, and it will keep slowly dropping.


So, how did your Net Worth turn out this month?
Have you done it yet???

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Net Worth Update~ January 2013 — 18 Comments

  1. I do not include my car in my net worth. It is such a rapidly depreciationg asset that comes with so many expenses (insurance, registration, gas, mainentance) that it is listed in the expense area.

    Do you track how much you pay to mortgage interest? There is a change to the amount that (I am guessing) is the total amount of the principle of the loan but nothing to track how much interest is paid.

    It might change how you allocate your funds if you see how much is going to the bank every month. Paying interest burns me.
    Jane Savers @ The Money Puzzle recently posted..What If I Have To Buy A Newer CarMy Profile