Net Worth Update~ October 2012

October 2012 Net Worth Update

Yes, you read that right…October (not November). Life has been amazingly crazy and hectic for me lately, but I was able to jot down the numbers for this update—8 days late, but better late than never. I’ll also be posting November’s update soon to get a little bit caught up.

Emergency Fund: Up $23.19. Just from my daily transfers, nothing more.

Savings: Down $1,027.17. This is a total for the following accounts:

The decrease is from our House Fund, which was completely expected since we were saving money for moving into our first house and things that needed doing and whatnot.

401K: Up $495.56. It’s nice to see such a large increase, especially since we dropped our contributions down to 1% to save a ton of money.

Investments: Up $13.40. We haven’t put any money into these two accounts (Sharebuilder and Betterment) for a long time, so I’m just happy to have it going up.

Roth IRA: Up $72.44. We’re still putting $25.00 in here every paycheck (bi-weekly), so it’s good to see.

Pirates Gold: No change again.

Car: Down $787.00. That’s quite a large drop, I’m glad we’re not trying to sell our car right now.

House: This is the first month putting this in here, so there isn’t any change from the previous month. Since the house was appraised at $171,000, I guess I’ll use that.


Liabilities: (Mortgage)Yeah, it kinda sucks when you start out owing more than your house is worth, but it won’t be like that for long.


So, how did your Net Worth turn out last month?
Have you done it yet???

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  1. OMG Jen, I am dying over your Pirate Gold loot, so precious and simply awesome. If you have a giant stash accumulated, have you considered trading some in for silver dollars? It may help your dilemma of not earning any interest on your stack, as your coin’s values will then fluctuate with the spot price of silver.
    Jennifer Lynn @ Broke-Ass Mommy recently posted..Another Monday Coming ‘RoundMy Profile