UPDATED: Stupid Sewer—A Mini Update

We’re all moved in, but it’s still a disaster here. OMG! All this stuff keeps coming up and needing to get done and so many expenses.

Now, there’s something wrong with our sewer main line (whatever that is) and apparently 160+ feet of snaking isn’t cutting it.

Tomorrow they’re coming out to try some super water thing to see if that’ll work, then they’re going to run a camera through there. Then, if the water doesn’t solve the problem…they’ll either have to dig up and fix the sewer pipe or replace them all.

I’m freaking out, it’s going to be at least $3,000 if we’re lucky; if we’re not, then it can be up to $15,000. We have nowhere near that, so hopefully things will be fine.

Plus we can’t even flush toilets, shower or run dishes or laundry (unless we want to flood our house again). I just want to scream, but I’ll probably just cry a bunch instead.

Yay! Owning a home is so much fun. :-(

Hopefully I can get back to blogging soon, things are just such a mess right now.

Anybody else feel like complaining?

Update 10/9

For about $1,000 we were able to discover that what we assume is our neighbor’s tree has grown into and broken our sewer pipe.

Thankfully we won’t have to replace all the pipes. :-)

But still, the plumber guy estimated that it would cost about $2,000 to fix it. That was before we had the utility people come out and make their little markings. :-(

The sewer pipe is about 6 1/2 feet down, right above it is a power line (3 feet deep) and some other one that’s orange, but we don’t know how deep that one is. We’re pretty sure that some of the driveway will need to be taken out so that they can get to the pipe.

So we’re trying to get a hold of some independent little contractor guys to see how much this is going to cost us. I imagine it’s going to be pretty spendy and it probably won’t be able to get fixed immediately like we need it to be, because I’m sure they all have work lined up in front of us.

Not sure what to do, but it sure would be nice to take a shower and other things that involve water.

We’ll see…

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UPDATED: Stupid Sewer—A Mini Update — 16 Comments

  1. Uh, no! I’m not glad to see this! My sister had this same problem at her old house and it was a constant nightmare. I hope your situation works out much better and it turns out to be a one time fix.
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  2. that just sounds god awful!!!

    I dont own my own house or other property so I have not had to deal with such issues. But I was feeling your pain just by reading your post!

    Hope everything gets sorted out fairly quickly and hopefully for nothing too expensive. What are you doing about your lack of water in the mean time?

    • Got it all fixed on Wednesday and it was a bit less than our quote.

      We could use water, but we had to try to limit the amount that went down the sewer line. No dishes, laundry, showering etc., we could flush the toilets if we had to, but there was still a HUGE chance it was just going to flood our house again.

      It was wicked awful. It’s amazing how much I was taking for granted.
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