Where Did The Dough Go? #64

Welcome to another weekly edition of “Where Did The Dough Go?”. Below you can get a completely open and honest view of what we’re spending money on, how much we’re saving, investing and putting away for retirement. Please feel free to learn from our financial mistakes if at all possible, it’s way better than making them yourself. ;-)

Friday 20th
– $47.39 (dining out)
– $231.39 (storage unit for July & August)
-/+ $1.00 (transfer to Xmas fund)
-/+ $1.00 (transfer to savings)

-/+ $2.00 (transfer to ING to save for Car insurance)

Saturday 21st
– $39.06 (groceries)
– $15.58
 (spackling and packing paper)

Sunday 22nd
– $27.65

Monday 23rd
– $49.20 (gas for borrowed SUV @3.699 per gallon)
-/+ $1.00 (transfer to savings)

-/+ $1.00 (transfer to Xmas fund)
-/+ $2.00 (transfer to ING to save for Car insurance)

Tuesday 24th
– $15.06
 (gas @ 3.619 per gallon)
-/+ $1.00 (transfer to savings)
-/+ $1.00 (transfer to Xmas fund)

-/+ $2.00 (transfer to ING to save for Car insurance)

Wednesday 25th
No spend day
-/+ $1.00 (transfer to savings) 
-/+ $1.00 (transfer to Xmas fund)
-/+ $2.00 (transfer to ING to save for Car insurance)

Thursday 26th
No spend day
-/+ $1.00 (transfer to savings)

-/+ $1.00 (transfer to Xmas fund)
-/+ $2.00 (transfer to ING to save for Car insurance)

Total Weekly Spending: $445.33


Savings $10.00
Cigarettes $27.65
Dining Out $47.39
Moving Expenses $296.17
Groceries $39.06
Gas $15.06
Save 4 Car insurance $10.00

$$$ Entire Paycheck Totals $$$

Pre-tax 401K Contributions: $180.78
Income: $1,620.63
Saving: $478.53
Spending: $1,141.66



weekly spending 64

Savings $478.53
Rent & Bills $300.00
Moving Expenses $296.17
Cigarettes $116.98
Health & Beauty $15.87
Household $19.59
Groceries $130.17
Puppy Expenses $44.98
Gas $52.17
Alcohol $48.73
Dining Out $72.00
Roth IRA contributions $25.00
Save 4 Car insurance $20.00

Notes: We came in 44 cents under budget this time, whew…that was close. Our storage unit ended up costing more than expected, but we did pay for part of this month and all of August. Apparently the other storage unit ran such great deals because they were infested with ants, literally—thousands of ants in a 10×10 unit.

So we ended up paying quite a bit more and getting a larger unit because 10×10 was way smaller than it sounded. It sucked having to pay more, but to me it’s worth it to not have thousands of ants crawling all over (and inside) our stuff. 

I was also able to borrow my grandma’s SUV, so that we could make tons of trips to storage before we actually have to move. It also helped me out with a few “house buying errands” I needed to run. I made sure to fill up her tank since she was so awesome about letting us use it.

Today is moving day, hopefully everything will work out okay. We’re going to have to rent a moving truck, so there’s another expense. I hope your weekly spending went well. :-)

Have a great weekend everybody! 

How did your budgeting/spending go this week?

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Where Did The Dough Go? #64 — 4 Comments

  1. Good luck with moving Jen! I’ll be moving soon so I know the stress that comes along with it. It sounds like you are doing a great job with prepping and it must be a relief to borrow your grandma’s SUV to do a lot of moving. I’m going to be in your shoes next weekend!

    • Thanks Erica, good luck to you too. Moving SUCKS! I was so happy she let us borrow it, but sadly I fell in love with her SUV and it was sad to give it back. :-)

  2. Erika I think your move will be a bit easier logistics wise since you won’t have to move any furniture or large items. Good luck with both of your moves.

    That’s funny that the one storage unit was infested with ants. That’s some pretty lousy management that they would offer a discount rather than trying to solve the problem. Guaranteed whoever rents that unit will regret it when they bring all the ants with them to their home.

    • Thanks Jeremy. :-)

      I know, I couldn’t believe they would allow that. I freaked when I saw all the ants, and the guy said, “Oh, I can spray them before you move your stuff in.”

      OMG! Really? I couldn’t imagine many people being fine with that. I’m so happy we checked the unit out before doing the paperwork.