Where Did The Dough Go? #20

Welcome to yet another weekly edition of “Where Did The Dough Go?”. Below you can get a completely open and honest view of what we’re spending money on, how much we’re saving, investing and putting away for retirement. Please feel free to learn from our financial mistakes if at all possible, it’s way better than making them yourself. ;-)

Friday 16th
– $15.19
(Olive Garden- also used remaining gift card balance)
– $27.99 (finally got a new shredder)
– $60.05 (groceries)
– $1.59 (ice)
– /+ $1.00 (transfer to savings)

-/+ $2.00 (transfer to ING to save for Car insurance)

Saturday 17th
No spend day :-)

Sunday 18th
No spend day :-)

Monday 19th
No real spending today :-)
– /+ $1.00 (transfer to savings)
-/+ $2.00 (transfer to ING to save for Car insurance)

Tuesday 20th
– $15.61 (cigarettes)
– /+ $1.00 (transfer to savings)
-/+ $2.00 (transfer to ING to save for Car insurance)

Wednesday 21st
– $9.01 (gas @ 3.799 per gallon)
– /+ $1.00 (transfer to savings)

-/+ $2.00 (transfer to ING to save for Car insurance)

Thursday 22nd
No real spending today :-)
-/+ $1.14 (left-overs to savings)
– /+ $1.00 (transfer to savings)
-/+ $2.00 (transfer to ING to save for Car insurance)

Total Weekly Spending: $


Savings $6.14
Groceries $61.64
Dining Out $15.19
Gas $9.01
Other $27.99
Cigarettes $15.61
Save 4 Car insurance $10.00

$$$ Entire Paycheck Totals $$$

Income: $1,150.71
Spending: $1.150.71


Savings $41.49
Groceries $129.61
Rent & Bills $632.50
Dining Out $15.19
Puppy Expenses $12.98
Other $40.42
Clothing $20.25
Cigarettes $111.86
Alcohol $44.39
Gas $52.02
Roth IRA contributions $10.00
Betterment contributions $20.00
Save 4 Car insurance $20.00

Pre-tax 401K Contributions: $95.24

Notes: We only had $1.14 left this paycheck, that’s not very good but I transferred it over to savings anyway. I’m really messing up lately with these smaller checks; I don’t think I’ve been paying much attention lately. At least we didn’t go over our budget again. Still, I would like to be doing better than we are. We stuck to eating out once per paycheck again and went to the Olive Garden. Yummy! We still had some money left on the gift card so that helped lower what we paid.

I finally got a new shredder, I literally had a 13 gallon garbage bag packed full (I mean PACKED) of stuff I needed to shred—there went Saturday. I’ve decided/realized that it’s probably a much better idea to just shred stuff as needed instead of letting it build up so much. We watched some of the Star Wars blu-rays, that was a lot of fun. The newer episodes obviously look great, the older ones (original trilogy) look better, still a little grainy but overall an improvement over DVDs. I hope your week/s went good. :-)


How did your budgeting/spending go this week? Any trouble areas?

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