Where Did The Dough Go? #42

Welcome to another weekly edition of “Where Did The Dough Go?”. Below you can get a completely open and honest view of what we’re spending money on, how much we’re saving, investing and putting away for retirement. Please feel free to learn from our financial mistakes if at all possible, it’s way better than making them yourself. ;-)

Friday 17th
– $30.00
– /+ $1.00 (transfer to savings)
-/+ $2.00 (transfer to ING to save for Car insurance)

Saturday 18th
No spend day :-)

Sunday 19th
No spend day :-)

Monday 20th
No real spending today :-)
– /+ $1.00 (transfer to savings)
-/+ $2.00 (transfer to ING to save for Car insurance)

Tuesday 21st
– $8.23 (cigarettes)
– $25.00 (school pictures)
-/+ $1.00 (transfer to savings)
-/+ $2.00 (transfer to ING to save for Car insurance)

Wednesday 22nd
– $15.00 (gas @ 3.719 per gallon)
– /+ $1.00 (transfer to savings)
-/+ $2.00 (transfer to ING to save for Car insurance)

Thursday 23rd
No real spending today :-)
-/+ $40.94 (transfer left-overs to Emergency Fund)
– /+ $1.00 (transfer to savings)
-/+ $2.00 (transfer to ING to save for Car insurance)

Total Weekly Spending: $134.17


Savings $45.94
Cigarettes $8.23
Other $25.00
Gas $15.00
Dining Out $30.00
Save 4 Car insurance $10.00

$$$ Entire Paycheck Totals $$$

Income: $1,252.31
Spending: $1,252.31


Savings $130.94
Rent & Bills $700.00
Dining Out $34.86
Cigarettes $102.36
Groceries $89.54
Gas $53.04
Other $30.40
Alcohol $41.17
Roth IRA Contributions $50.00
Save 4 Car insurance $20.00

Pre-tax 401K Contributions: $142.40

Notes: I actually did pretty good with not spending too much on groceries this paycheck. I almost completely forgot about our kiddo’s school pictures, I had to write the check out in the morning before the bus came (I’m a zombie in the mornings). If I would have spent some time going over the order form, I probably could have found a package that was a bit cheaper. At least we’ll have tons of pictures to give out this time.

I think I might actually be addicted to ordering pizza; I’m not sure why it sounds like such a great idea…it’s always expensive and makes me feel ill afterwards. Maybe this next check I’ll be able to go 2 weeks without ordering pizza, ooooh—unless we have a margarita night, then all bets are off. 😉 Hope your week went well.


How did your budgeting/spending go this week?

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Where Did The Dough Go? #42 — 8 Comments

  1. Yes the convenience of ordering in some food is tough to avoid. You’re much better than me in this regard though. Lately we order out at least 2 times per week. Next month I’m going to try keeping a written budget like this and see if it helps limit those splurges.

    Great work on the saving Jen!