Sublime Saturday Assemblage #8

Happy Saturday everybody!


Fabulous Findings:

 So you think you can beat the system at Wealth Informatics
 Affordable Travel With Pets at Frugal Beautiful
 Put Your Money Where Your Values Are: Green Investing at Sustainable Personal Finance
 Things You Should Know – 401K Loan Rules at Not Made of Money
 Follow Your Plan, Even When You Are Down
at Freddie Taylor

No carnivals this week, I didn’t submit anything. *shame* :-( There goes one of my goals for October.

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Sublime Saturday Assemblage #8 — 2 Comments

  1. Nice findings. It is easy to forget to submit to the carnivals. If you want help submitting to carnivals, I am offering this as a service now. If you are interested (now or in the future), just shoot me an email.