Coupons & Samples & Checks… oh my!

Sometimes I can be such a scatterbrain, really. I took all these pictures like a week 1/2 ago with the intention of posting them right away. At least I remembered at all. :-) Just like my post last month, Go Ahead….Take a Peek about showing you guys that you really can get paid for the little things you do online, I wanted to continue. You can click on the pictures to see a larger image.

Inbox Dollars

The first picture, which hopefully is on the left, is the check I cashed out for last month with Inbox Dollars. This is the 3rd check I’ve earned from them so far. I probably could have earned 5 of these by now if I was more consistent with the toolbar searches, that’s something I’m still working on though. The check is for $27.00 and while that might not seem like much, with all the different things I do online to earn money—they really add up.

To learn more about Inbox Dollars, you can go to my post here.

Opinion Outpost

The second picture, is the check I cashed out for last month with Opinion Outpost. I’ve gotten a ton of checks from them, so I’m not sure the actual number. Opinion Outpost is a survey site, I take surveys and get paid for my time. Sometimes I get sick of taking so many surveys and take a few days off. Overall though, spending 10 or 20 minutes here and there is totally worth it for the extra income I make from them.

To learn more about Opinion Outpost, you can go to my post here.

Mailbox Goodies

I was quite pleased this time, I got a lot of coupons for free items and some instant coffee samples. Here’s what I got this time:

* Coupon for 1 FREE package of Breakstone’s 100 calorie Cottage Doubles any variety
* Coupon for 1 FREE package of Breakstone’s 4-pack Cottage Cheese
* Coupon to give to a friend for $1.00 off 1 of the 4-packs or 2 100 calories ones mentioned above
* Coupon for 1 FREE tub of Cottonelle Fresh Flushable Moist Wipes (great for puppy clean-ups)
* Coupon for 1 FREE Suave Professionals Dry Shampoo or Styling Product
* Coupon for a FREE box of John Frieda Precision Foam Hair Color
* 6 single serving Taster’s Choice instant coffees and a coupon for $1.00 off (these all came together as a sample I had requested)

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Coupons & Samples & Checks… oh my! — 4 Comments

  1. How do you get the free coupons?? I am all over the coupons – I already do Inbox and tho I’m signed up for Opinion Outpost I never get survey requests :(
    Thanks! :)

    • @Staci- Most of the free coupons I get are from Facebook promotions the companies run where you have to “like” them and then sign-up for a free offer. Also, sometimes it’s just like requesting free samples from the company’s web-site. The other ones are from Kraft First Taste, those aren’t offered too often, but definitely worth a little participation for free products. :-) Have you updated your profile w/ Opinion Outpost since you signed up? My mom had forgotten to do that and hadn’t received a single survey opportunity.

        • @Staci- 😀 Don’t forget that if that doesn’t work, you could always email them after a week and ask them what’s up. Happy Earning!