Make Money While Drinking Beer?

Over the last week, I’ve gotten two spam emails stating that I can indeed make money while drinking beer. I laughed each time as I was deleting them, I never open spam emails. After the second one, I started thinking about it—can you really make money while drinking beer? Yep, I’ve decided that it is quite possible for somebody to make money while drinking beer. I’m not saying somebody is going to pay you for drinking beer, just that it’s possible to earn money while you drink beer.

I’m basing this off a couple of assumptions here:

1. You’re not completely wasted and still have a fair amount of comprehension left.

2. You’re at home and have the Internet (which is most likely how you’re reading this post to begin with). Personally, I’m not into that whole drinking and driving thing, otherwise I’d suggest something like delivering pizzas or newspapers (but I’m not).

How to Make Money While Drinking Beer:

Swagbucks: Swagbucks actually offers many ways for you to earn money (or gift cards and physical items) online. You can earn daily Swagbucks just for installing their toolbar, taking a 1-question daily poll and clicking through their NOSO (No obligation special offers). You can also earn Swagbucks for watching short little videos, taking surveys, completing offers, playing games, searching online, completing tasks and much more. It doesn’t really require much brain power to do these, so even if you’re drunk, you’ll stand a good chance to make money online.

Cash Crate: You can earn money just for checking in every day and if you check in every day in the calendar month, they’ll give you a bonus. Other ways to make money with Cash Crate are: taking surveys, watching short videos, completing offers, searching online and more. It’s another easy way to earn money online.

Inbox Dollars: Inbox Dollars also offers a variety of ways to make money online, even while drinking beer. They start you off with a bonus, last time I checked it was 5 bucks, not too shabby. You can earn money from them for clicking on paid emails, searching online, watching short videos, taking surveys, completing offers, completing tasks and more.

Blogging: I’m sure you wouldn’t be the only drunk blogger out there, I’ve seen some interesting blogs in my time. Perhaps your writing is more intriguing when you’re drinking, you could have a blog showcasing all your drunken rants or whatever crazy stuff you’re up to. Of course to actually make money, you’ll want to sign-up for a hosting account (I recommend BlueHost, they been awesome for my blogs) and at least sign-up for some affiliate programs. Monetize your website by promoting advertiser products through (<— feel free to email me for an invitation) and

Sell Stuff: What better time to list your unwanted stuff online than while you’re drinking? You could list some stuff on eBay, Craigslist or and earn some money. Hopefully by the time the item needs to be shipped, you’ll be sober; if not, some shipping companies will even pick up your packages.

Opinion Outpost: Opinion Outpost is a paid survey site, you can find surveys to take from invitations they send you or by logging into their website. You just take some surveys and when you have enough to cash out, they’ll mail you a check. Lots of people love to share their opinions while drinking; so why not get paid for it? They’re actually one of my favorite places to get paid for taking surveys.

Fiverr: You can earn money for doing various small tasks for other people. The range of tasks is sublime, I’m sure there will be something you can do to make money while drinking beer.

Moolala: Moolala is a another popular daily deal site that lets you earn money for referring others. One of the really cool things is that not only do you earn money from your referrals, but their referrals and their referrals up to 5 levels deep. If you’re good at promoting stuff or have a website or blog, this can be another great monetization activity.


Sure there are plenty of other ways to make money while drinking beer, but I didn’t feel like writing a novel—at least not today.

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Make Money While Drinking Beer? — 18 Comments

    • Yep, they’re all pretty easy (aside from blogging). It makes me really curious about what the email would have said if I would have opened it. Better safe then sorry; nobody like their email getting hacked or getting viruses. :-)

  1. I’ll do some of these things once I leave my full time job. Any little bit helps.
    Now you need to find something that I can do while hanging out with the evil 13 months old kid. He’ll be crying his head out while I fill out surveys so it’s not pleasant.

    • I totally feel you on that one, but my evil child is 9 1/2. She screams and yells at me all day (every day), screams like she’s being murdered, hits stuff and herself, throws stuff, slams doors and drawers and freaks out over anything. Really, I’m not joking that this is a daily thing.

      I just try to do my best with what I need to do; it’s a wonder I can get anything done at all. What worked when she was little and crying all the time was to quickly move my index finger over her lips to make that funny sound. I’m not sure how to explain it, so hopefully you know what I’m talking about. LOL. That would always get her out of her bad mood and laughing, then I’d give her a toy and enjoy 5 minutes of silence.

  2. I don’t drink beer, but I think I’ll take a look at some of these money making options for a little extra vacation money. I had forgotten about all the crying toddlers do. Glad I don’t have any small kid’s amymore.

    • Yeah, you don’t have to drink to do them (aside from the drunk blogging). I think we could all use a little extra vacation money. :-)

  3. I think with Fiverr you could even make a game out of it… “I will do xxx while drinking”. Perhaps that might scare up some purchases?

  4. Good tips. I already use swagbucks and mypoints and am a big fan of selling things on craigslist and ebay to make money and tame clutter. I haven’t used Moolala or Fivver yet, but as a couple people have said already, every little bit adds up.

  5. There is nothing wrong with make money while drinking beer and I am sure there are a lot of people out there who are doing it. Now I would guess that they started making the money first so that they can indeed now set back and drink a few. I have never used swagbucks myself. Blogging and clickbank have been my most profitable sources.

    • I never thought about that, but it does expand the opportunities. Never used Swagbucks?! Swagbucks is my favorite (barely do anything) way to make money online. I can’t believe you’ve never tried them out.