Schools Letting Kids Spend Parent’s Money Without Permission — 16 Comments

    • I was thinking about emailing her teacher and letting her know what’s going on, then she could pass it on to the office.

      I’m certainly going to be having a talk with them when we go down there. That’s messed up. Kids could be racking up hundreds of dollars without their parents even knowing. Not cool.
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  1. I think you are spot on. Hopefully this will be a good lesson for your daughter…and perhaps the school.

  2. Yes, you’re doing EXACTLY the right thing. As I was reading, I was thinking, “man, if she foots the bill for this kid I’m going to freak out man!” It’s exactly the right thing that you’re doing. You can explain to her that you, also, don’t like going into your savings account. But when you make debt, you have to spend YOUR money to pay it off. Welcome to the real world, kiddo! She’s certainly pissed, but this is a GREAT lesson in money, responsibility, and all that good stuff. Great job on how you’re handling it!
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  3. I think you made the right decision. For me, unless They could produce something that I had signed authorizing these charges and agreeing that you as the parent would have responsibility for overruns, I would not past it asst all.

    I don’t have children byt my youngest sister is still in high school. I try to get her to question the incredible amount of school fees and levies that are “expected”. They’re even charging families to go to the Christmas concert. :/
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  4. LOL, “the little butthead”. If my daughter pulled a stunt like this, I’d force her to pay back every penny with some heinously-assigned tasks. Shame on the school for encouraging children to rack up a bill like this. Extortion through slimy bagels! God I loved our school breakfast cart though. Talk about no-nutrition slop, ha.
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