Getting The Most “Bang” For Your Halloween Bucks

A lot of people always complain that Halloween costumes are such a waste of money. Why should they spend $20-$75+ on something they can only wear once a year?

Buying a Halloween costume doesn’t have to be a waste of money and can even be WAY worth it in the long run. So, how can you get the most bang for your Halloween bucks?

By thinking strategically of course, plus…you can even use it to improve or rekindle your sex life. You just need to find the right costume.

For Women:

All you really have to do is find a sexy costume that will make guys (or girls—whichever you’re into) drool. Then you can wear it at other times during the year for some additional fun.

Princess Leia Slave Costume

This is perfect if your honey is a Star Wars fan (like mine is and so am I). I can’t think of any guy who didn’t fantasize about Princess Leia, so why not make their fantasy come true?

Cost: $29.01 to $29.52 on Amazon (qualifies for free super-saver shipping)

Sexy Nurse Costume

Imagine how much sooner your honey would recover with you wearing this while taking care of him.

Cost: $19.99 (plus free shipping)

Sexy Maid Costume

After Halloween, you could always use this to clean up your dirty, dirty house in style.

Cost: $13.12 to $19.97 (qualifies toward free super-saver shipping)

Sexy School Girl Costume

This is one almost always is a winner.

Cost: $15.93 to $18.12 (qualifies toward free super-saver shipping)


For Men:

Smoking Hot Fireman Costume

Does your sweetie have a thing for firemen? Problem solved. I know I’d go nuts if my husband had a fireman costume. 😉

Cost: $21.40 to $49.54

Army Ranger Costume

Maybe they have a thing for soldiers…you can be one.

Cost: $32.99 to $38.99 (plus free shipping)


It just takes a little creative thinking and figuring out what your partner fantasizes about. Not everyone will be into this, but maybe somebody will.

Bonus: If you’re a stripper, then you don’t need to buy anything. Just wear one of your work outfits and go as a stripper.

*All these prices and shipping information were current at the time of posting, Amazon prices change frequently.

What are going to be for Halloween?
Wouldn’t you love it if your partner did this? 

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Getting The Most “Bang” For Your Halloween Bucks — 21 Comments

  1. I absolutely agree! I love dressing up on halloween but you’ll never catch me spending more then $35 on a costume and usually it’s because I know I can wear it again. Last year I got a great double sided angel/devil costume for $20 and this year I decided to go as cleopatra. The costume i liked was $100 and there was no way, even with a 35% discount that I would buy it. After looking and searching everywhere in the store I bumped into a great cleopatra headpiece that was gold, and then into a gold disco outfit. The disco outfit looked like something pretty royal if it was spruced up right. With the headpiece, my hair pinned to look short, and my makeup done I looked great for my costume party! And I only spend $40 total with headpiece and eyelashes, and the outfit. I can even wear it again next year as the disco outfit it was meant for!

  2. Last year, I got the fireman costume at Amazon, it is definitely cheaper than most of the costumes in the malls. I would absolutely love it if my wife will wear that sexy nurse costume. This year, we are gonna go trick or treating as hippies.