Earn Money Online w/ Surveys: Opinion Square

Opinion Square is another of my favorite survey sites.

Ways to Earn with Opinion Square:

Taking Surveys– Overall, most of Opinion Square surveys are worth 200 points each. If you don’t qualify, you earn a token for a slot spin or scratch-off, whichever they are currently doing. The neat thing about the spins and scratch-offs, are that you always win something. The least you can win is 25 points, and it’s not rare to win 50 points either. I have won 500 points before on one spin, it was pretty awesome. You can win up to 10,000 points.

Getting Paid with Opinion Square:

At Opinion Square, you can choose from prizes or gift cards. Some choices are: Amazon, Starbucks, Macy’s, movie tickets, Applebee’s, Bath & Body Works, Sears and more at the time I am writing this. These can always change, but they have been pretty much the same for the last year or so.

How I do Opinion Square:

I attempt every survey they send me, because no matter what, I will at least get some points. I usually will save them up for whatever gift card sounds good at the time.

$$$$$$$$$$ It All Adds Up! $$$$$$$$$$

How Much Can You Earn with Opinion Square:

Assuming surveys are worth 200 points and the token nets you 25 points, which is the least you can get. If you get 1 survey invitation each week, but only qualify half of the time, you could expect to earn 5,490 points per year. Doubling that, 2 survey invitation per week and qualifying half the time could get you 10,980 points per year.

Earn More Money with Opinion Square:

Go for every survey invitation they send your way. :-)

You can go here to sign-up.

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