Using Extra Income to Pay for Luxury Items

I was under the (incorrect) assumption that I had already told you guys how I afford to pay for my luxury items. Sometimes I get a little confused about what information I post on here, reply to in comments on here and leave in comments on other people’s blogs. I can’t help it, my memory just sucks. At least now I can tell you, before I forget again. 😉

Okay, so what are these luxury items I speak of? While they might not all seem like luxury items to everybody, they are definitely things I don’t “need”. Sure, I could live without them if I had to, but I really don’t want to.

Luxury Items

  • Haircuts (since I don’t go to Great Clips or Super Cuts or any other inexpensive place, my haircuts are considered to be a luxury)
  • Dead Sea Salt (for amazingly awesome baths)
  • Aromatherapy bubble bath (which is used with the salts)
  • Manicures
  • Pedicures
  • My Clarisonic Mia and replacement brush heads (I use the deep pore heads and can’t imagine ever stopping after feeling how smooth and soft my skin gets, OMG—it’s just brilliant.)
  • Eyebrow waxes (I shouldn’t be allowed to own tweezers)
  • My favorite facial cleanser
  • 5-Hour Energy drinks (I’ve never been much of a coffee drinker and have quit drinking mochas, so these come in handy.)
  • Eye Hope
  • Moisturizer
  • My favorite body scrub ever (they better not ever discontinue this or I’ll freak)


I’m sure there’s more, but that’s all I could come up with on the spot. These luxury items (almost always) don’t get paid for from my husband’s paychecks. This was my choice, not his; he thinks it’s odd too. If the money to pay for these luxury items isn’t coming from his checks, then where is it coming from? A magic credit card perhaps? I wish.

Extra Income to Pay for Luxury Items

I just do things differently. All the extra income I make doing various things online and sometimes offline (except for blogging) is saved up during the year. When the new year starts, I have only the money that I made the previous year to afford to pay for my luxury items. If I can’t stretch it out and make it last all year, I’m going to have to go without.

2010 extra income pays for 2011 luxury items

2011 extra income pays for 2012 luxury items

and so on.

I know it probably just sounds weird, but it works out great for us. If I want to be able to afford my luxury items without worrying, I know that I’ll need to stay on track with earning extra income now. Easy peasy. :-)

The Source of Extra Income

This usually changes up a bit from year to year, sometimes I’ll focus more time and energy on different areas, but I usually end up earning some extra income from each. Below is a list of the various income sources from the last couple of years, I’ve linked them to my other pages and posts in case you want to know more about them.


How do you pay for your luxury items?

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Using Extra Income to Pay for Luxury Items — 12 Comments

  1. This is a great idea! My biggest luxury item is my housecleaning service, but we pay for that out of our regular budget. Otherwise, smaller things like pedicures, books and magazines, and the occasional lunch out come out of my monthly allowance money!

  2. I used to buy luxury items (high end makeup) all the time without thinking about it, but now I just replace what I use up and take it out of my budget’s “shopping” fund for the month.

    • I used to buy my makeup at Nordstrom for like 20-some bucks for 1 eye shadow. I rarely wear makeup at all anymore, so I’m saving a ton of money. :-) That’s cool that you have a shopping fund in your budget.

  3. I made good money on mypoints over the years. I get haircuts for free at dramatics. Every Monday they have a hairstylist course where hairstylist work their craft on people who sign up. I have done it 12 or 13 times and every time the haircut is great.

  4. Hey there. I’ve recently discovered your blog and I look forward to each new post! You should check out SendEarnings. It’s nearly identical to Inbox Dollars.

    I will definitely be checking out Swagbucks!

    • Thanks J, I’m glad to have you reading. :-)

      I’m actually (very slowly) using Send Earnings, I usually wait until I have received a payment before referring anybody to anything. I believe that both Inbox Dollars and Send Earnings are owned by the same company.

      Good luck with Swagbucks, I’ve made a few hundred or so with them so far, absolutely one of my favorites. :-)

  5. Nice summation… extra bucks can certainly help; Dooyoo is another one to mention – you basically write product reviews and earn points which you can exchange for cash or vouchers.

    Many of these kinds of sites make you work your ass off for a pay so minimal however that… it’s almost the same as not doing it lmao.

    You can make much more decent change, much more easily with Fiverr. And since you’re a writer Jen, I would definitely recommend offering writing services on there; you could be earning $4 for every order, and it’s instant cash, so that certainly WILL add-up.

  6. hey Once again.,I’ve recently discovered your blog and I look forward to each new post,Moreover,Many of these kinds of sites make you work your ass off for a pay so minimal and I guess most of my extra income goes toward clothes.