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Welcome to the October 20th edition of the Lifestyle Carnival. Enjoy!



Hank @ Money Q&A writes 5 Ways To Save Money On Your Next Vacation – Whether you are planning a vacation on the slopes or in the sun, you’ll want to get a great deal. There are several ways how to save money on your next vacation.

Tushar @ Earn More and Save writes How to Make Money Selling Stock Photos – Do you love being behind the camera? Do you know how to edit photos? Do you want to make some extra money? Of course you do! That’s why selling stock photos could be the perfect fit.

Tushar Mathur @ Everything Finance writes Deciding Whether You Should Rent or Buy a Home? Make Sure to Consider All The Costs – Interest rates are slowly creeping up, and the stale housing market is finally on the upswing.

Ted Jenkin @ Your Smart Money Moves writes $5 Or Less Cheap Eats Lunches In Atlanta – If you make $100,000 or more, you might wonder why you could still be living paycheck to paycheck.

Maria @ The Money Principle writes The single biggest challenge to investors: the three faces of investing – Here I put forward the argument that the single biggest challenge for investors is that investing is at present, more than ever, a gamble.

Lauren @ L Bee and the Money Tree writes How to Manage Money (Virtually) – Learn how to manage money the virtual way with this cool infographic!

Tushar @ Start Investing Money writes Will the Twitter IPO Turn Out to Be a Cautionary Tale? – The clock is ticking and the time is approaching when Twitter’s initial public offering finally goes live. Plenty of people will be eager to see what happens to the share price when Twitter goes public and is properly valued for the first time.

Don @ MoneySmartGuides writes Home Improvements That Can Boost Your Home’s Efficiency (and Value) – Read about home improvements that make a difference in efficiency! Even little changes can make a big difference

Don @ Money Reasons writes Was the Removal the Uptick Rule Stupid? – The “Uptick Rule” was removed back in 2007 and within a few months we had the great recession… I thought removing the uptick rule was wrong then and I still do… read why!

Tushar @ Finance TUBE writes Simplify Your LIfe in 3 Easy Steps – There so much talk about simplifying but it’s not often how people expect to do it. We know this simplifying is good for us and help us to be lighter and breathe a little easier. So to get motivated there are three easy steps to get motivated for once and for all.

Daisy @ Suburban Finance writes How to Set a Christmas Budget – Ever wonder how to set a Christmas budget? You should be budgeting for Christmas as soon as possible to prepare.

Corey @ 20s Finances writes How We Are Planning to Save MORE Money – Do you need more money for something? Saving more money takes work, but here are 10 practical steps to help you save MORE money.

Mike @ Personal Finance Journey writes Facts and Fiction about Interest Rate Definitions – 7 Myths and Facts about Interest rates and what do interest rates mean to normal people like us in our everyday lives?

Jester @ The Ultimate Juggle writes New Family Vehicle – This is how my family juggled the decision of what vehicle to buy for our family. See how my brain processes such decisions.

Suba @ Broke Professionals writes How to Fit Exercise in a Busy Day – We all know we should exercise more, yet most of us have sedentary jobs and home lives.

Pauline @ Reach Financial Independence writes European trip update – Here is my European trip update.

Mr.CBB @ Canadian Budget Binder writes Christmas Vacation: Save money by packing right and packing light – Packing for vacation can be a challenge for many people but by following a few simple rules you will save yourself stress and money in your budget.



Jen @ Prepping Is Sexy writes Choosing My EveryDay Carry (EDC) Bag *tactical purse* – My EveryDay Carry Bag (EDC Bag) took forever to finally settle on. I wanted to replace my purse with something more durable, pleasing to my eye and with multiple storage options.



Justin @ Root of Good @ Root of Good writes The Cost of Being a Hoarder – Justin at Root of Good breaks down the American pastime of buying and keeping stuff. Why do we do it, what does it cost, and how can we keep our homes clear of junk?

Alice @ Drop the Cookies! writes Stop sabotaging your weight loss by waiting for a fresh start! – Whether your fresh start is beginning on a Monday, the 1st of the month or the new year—it doesn’t matter. The main point is that you are waiting, not acting right now.

April Watson @ RN Writer writes Is Your Teen Allergic to the Word ‘No’? – Learn an effective method to communicate teens and children of all ages.

Christine @ writes Best Signs of Ovulation – Understanding your menstrual period and body as it relates to fertility and ovulation is essential to life planning. Here is a guide on the best signs of ovulation to help you plan or prevent pregnancy.

Jon Rhodes @ Free Hypnosis Downloads writes How To Improve The Air Quality You Breathe – This article shows you how to improve the quality of air you consume. This is vital for your health and well-being.



Ray @ Squirrelers writes 10 Inexpensive Fall Activities for the Family – The Fall season can be a lot of fun, with different traditions and activities to be enjoyed. Here are 10 that are fun yet inexpensive.

Harry Campbell @ The Four Hour Work Day writes Passion Will Get You to the Top – “When I started my first blog in January of 2012, I had no idea what I was in for. I didn’t do it to make money and I definitely didn’t do it for the accompanying fame{who knew I’d become so famous?! :) }. Instead, the main reason for starting my first personal finance blog was because I sincerely enjoyed talking about money. I liked saving money, I liked earning money and I wanted to have more of it. So why not start a blog that talks about all those things? ”

Simon @ Modest Money writes On the Town: Financially Managing Your Social Life – If you work hard you probably want to play hard too and rightfully so. After a hard week at work, relaxing with friends is something to look forward to. It isn’t cheap though, is it? But there are steps you can take to mitigate the effects on your pocket.



Michelle @ Diversified Finances writes Ways to Make Money Online – With my side business (which will very soon be my main business), mostly everything that I do is online. I can work from the comfort of my home and create a schedule which best works for me and my services.

Jordann @ Making Sense of Cents writes Is Working from Home Cheaper? – Michelle isn’t the only one who’s making the switch to working from home, I recently accepted a job that is 100% remote, and as of this Monday, I’m working remotely – from home.

Alexa @ Defeat Our Debt writes Are These 3 Things Preventing You From Becoming Debt Free? | Defeat Our Debt – The journey to paying off debt can often be a long one. Depending on the amount of debt you have it could take months, or even years, to pay it back. And, paying off debt comes with its fair share of struggles.

Alexa @ Single Moms Income writes On Self Limiting Behavior & Getting Paid What You Deserve – Since I am now getting ready to transition myself into full time freelancing The Psychology of Selling: Increase Your Sales Faster and Easier Than You Ever Thought Possible seemed like a perfect fit.

Natalie @ Debt and the Girl writes Finding Your Rock Bottom When It Comes To Your Finances – Plenty of us have experienced a moment that changed our financial perspectives and the same can be said for me as well. I reached a moment like that and it completely changed my outlook on money and finances forever.

Larry @ KrantCents writes Teach Your College Student the Wonders of Good Credit – Teaching your college-age child about the realities of credit is challenging. Is it important they learn about the good, the bad and the ugly features of credit? Absolutely.

Barbara Friedberg @ Barbara Friedberg Personal Finance writes 8 Steps to Creating A Diversified Asset Classes Portfolio – How to create a diversified asset classes portfolio. Part 2 of what is Best Investing Method Series. Understand diversified asset classes investing with indexes.

Holly @ Club Thrifty writes Breaking Obamacare News: It Still Sucks – Breaking Obamacare News: The plan still sucks. Read why I think the Affordable Care Act is destined to fail in this post.

Alice @ Hurricanes Panties & Dollars writes The pterodactyl retirement plan– An interesting conversation, a plan to trap a pterodactyl and waking back up in the real world. Plus a fun, catchy video and perhaps a little talk about retirement.

Buck @ Buck Inspire writes What Does It Cost to Run a Startup? – Starting your own business in the US is not getting any cheaper. But we are not the most expensive place to run a startup. With everyone going mobile, would it make more economic sense to run your business from another country?

FI Pilgrim @ FI Journey writes FI 101: How To Become Financially Independent – Are you curious about how to become financially independent? In this article I lay out the basics (including a graph) so you can see how it works.

Harry Campbell @ Your PF Pro writes Is a AAA Membership Worth It? – One of the ways companies like to hit up consumers over and over is by charging monthly or yearly subscription fees. That’s usually why most businesses won’t offer lifetime memberships, instead they opt for subscription type services. That way, you have to keep coming back every year and give them more money. It’s a pretty solid business model but does it make sense for the consumer?

KK @ Student Debt Survivor writes Not Managing Your Money Well? Need a Rep Payee? – If someone else could manage you money for you, pay your bills and set up an allowance to keep you from over spending would you do it? Do you need a rep payee?



Graham @ Moneystepper writes Free Competitions – How Much Can You Earn? – Free competitions are everywhere online. But is it worth entering these free online competitions or is there a better way to spend your time?

Jen @ PF Carny writes Does Couponing Really Save Money?– Depending on how you do it and how into it you get, it can be either bad or good. So, does couponing really save you money? It can, but it can also cost you money at the same time.

Sustainable PF @ Sustainable Personal Finance writes Can You Really Make Money Investing in Collectibles? – My husband loves collectibles. He has bought nearly every action figure associated with the Lord of the Rings movies. One of his justifications for spending on collectibles is that it is sort of an investment.

Kali @ Common Sense Millennial writes Frugal Living & Pet Ownership: Mutually Exclusive or Harmonious Concepts? – How to fit the costs of pet ownership into a frugal lifestyle

Adam @ Money Bulldog writes Find a Cheap Hobby and Enjoy Life More – Having a great hobby doesn’t always mean spending money, here are some cheap but fun things to do on your free time.

Pauline @ Make Money Your Way writes Making money because people know you – Anne from Unique Gifter who will talk about making money thanks to her friends and neighbors.



John @ Frugal Rules writes Frugal Birthday Parties for Kids – It can be quite easy to throw a birthday party for your child and overspend. However, with a little creativity and planning you can throw them a frugal birthday party and still have one they’ll enjoy and remember.

Prairie Eco Thrifter @ Prairie Eco Thrifter writes Getting More Healthy Foods Into Your Diet – I’ve come across some great methods to incorporate healthy foods into my diet without hardly noticing. It keeps me feeling energized and looking healthy.

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