The Benefits of Free Samples

benefit free samplesThe best thing about free samples, is that they are FREE. Sometimes you might even get a full-size product. Quite often you also receive coupons with your samples, which can help you save money later on. By taking advantage of free samples, you can help yourself or your family save money. It All Adds Up!

This is a picture of some of my free samples, to show you the variety you can get. From shampoo samples, toothpaste, bath tissue, dishwasher soap, shaving cream, garbage bags, body soap, lip balm, feminine products to lotion. There are so many free samples available all the time.Why not get these items free and save money here and there. Also, a lot of these came with coupons, which can further save money.

If I were to go camping, I could use some of these things. That could save me room by not packing full size items and money by not buying them too. Just from this pile, for a camping trip (we don’t go to the campgrounds with plumbing) I would probably grab:
– The Cottonelle bath tissue sample
– The garbage bag
– The Crest toothpaste sample
– The Nivea lotion
– The Neutrogena lip balm

Just from this pile, if my ♥Honey♥ and I were going away for the weekend, I would probably grab:
Pantene shampoo
Pantene conditioner
Head & Shoulders for Honey
Tom’s of Maine bar soap
Crest toothpaste
Eos shaving cream
One of the lotions
Neutrogena lip balm
Garbage bag for dirty laundry

There are many things you can use free samples for, even if you just want to use them at home. Want to be a little frugal? You could reuse some of the containers, such as refilling the shampoo and conditioner bottles with your own, refilling the lotion with your own. Maybe some of the packaging your samples come in can be recycled. There are so many possibilities with free samples. You don’t have to use these at home though, here’s some other ideas:

♦ Put them in your gym bag
♦ Use them for overnight stays/vacations
♦ Use them in a guest bedroom/bathroom
♦ Make up cute little gift baskets/bags
♦ Send them off to kids at college
♦ Have a Sample Swap Day with friends/family to trade for your favorites

What do you do with your free samples?

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