Net Worth Update~ July 2012

july 2012 net worth update

It doesn’t seem like much of an improvement, thanks to silly Kelley Blue Book. Ignoring that factor, we did great this month. It’s going to be exciting when our net worth finally reaches $25k, just a little while longer.

Emergency Fund: Up $466.56. We were able to take advantage of some overtime to start replenishing our Emergency Fund, so that’s cool. I was hoping to save $400 in June, so I’m more than happy with what we did here.

Savings: Up $139.71. One hundred of this went to our travel fund, which we’re going to be needing in a couple of months. We also put some into our puppy expenses fund to start building it back up.

401K: Up $543.91. We’re still contributing 8% to our 401k, so some of this is the market too. Hopefully it will keep going up more and more and never, ever drop again. That would be a nice little fairy-tale.

Betterment: Up $54.82. We didn’t add any money to our Betterment accounts, so this is all the market being nice to us. We haven’t gotten any dividends lately, so hopefully those will come soon.

Roth IRA: Up $75.15. I finally stuck with just putting $25 into our Roth IRA each paycheck, instead of the $25 twice a month. I know it’s only an extra $50 a year, because of the bi-weekly paychecks—but it’s still a step in the right direction.

Pirates Gold: No change. :-(

Car: Down $1,058.00. Yuck, it makes our whole net worth look nasty. I’ll still keep it in here because that’s what I’ve always done; I just wish it would be a bit more stable.

Liabilities: None. So far so good.


So, how did your Net Worth turn out this month? Have you done it yet???

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Net Worth Update~ July 2012 — 6 Comments

  1. Our net worth was up quite a bit last month because we had one of those extra paycheck months. yay!

    Saying that, I don’t update our car’s value every month when I do our calculations. Maybe I should?

    • That’s awesome; I love extra paycheck months, we had one too. :-)

      If you’re not already messing with your car value, you might not want to. It varies all the time and is just frustrating. I only keep doing it because that’s how I started out, now it’s just part of the process.

    • Go E-Fund! It does feel great, especially after wasting so much money on the stupid gambling a while back. :-)