Net Worth Update~ September 2011

september 2011 networth

Last month, our Net Worth increased by $993.71. This month’s increase is mostly due to the addition of Operation SUV, not that we haven’t been working hard to increase our Net Worth—it just takes time. Still, our Net Worth is seeing a $2,998.68 increase this month, so that’s pretty cool.

Emergency Fund: Down $3.31. I have been transferring anything over $1,000 to our other savings account to help us reach one of our financial goals for 2011. Since the Emergency Fund has already reached $1,000 we’re working on the other accounts for now—later we’ll work on increasing this though.

Savings: up $340.61. Awesome! Sometimes I don’t know how we’re able to do this and other times I think we should be saving more. But I am still very excited about the increase in our savings accounts this month.

401K: Down $146.79. Plus all the money we put in there this last month. :-( I guess it’s not so bad when you compare it to how much others have lost. Must think long-term, it sure is hard sometimes. I have some interesting 401k new coming soon, so keep your eyes peeled.

Betterment: up $40.02. We did contribute $40.00 to our Betterment account this month. Still, I’d much rather earn 2¢ than lose any. We are focusing more on the long-term with this account anyway, so little bits here and there don’t really mean that much. We’ll see what happens in 5 years or so.

Roth IRA: Up $75.01. I finally transferred the money from our lame, old Roth IRA into the new one. I also contributed $75 in August, but I’m not sure where the penny came from…? I need to get our Roth IRA up to like $1,000 or something before I can start investing—I think I also need automatic contributions of $50 a month or more. I’ll check into all that once I start getting close.

Pirates Gold: Up $11.00. I had taken over the master bedroom closet for my office and this last week I moved out to the bedroom. In this crazy, tight-spaced (how the h*ll did we even do that?) move, I found 11 more gold dollars. I haven’t really been getting these lately and it’s been pretty sad, so I was very pleased to find these lurkers in the old office/master bedroom closet.

Operation SUV: I had originally planned to keep this money out of the Net Worth, but ♥my honey♥ brought me to my senses. He said that even though I have it set aside for a specific purpose, it’s still there and if need be, can be used in other places. He’s right, I know. So from now on, it will be included in my updates every month. It sure gives this month a nice boost.

Car: Down $980.00. $hit! I have no idea how that happened but it’s not that bad since we plan on keeping it anyway. Kelly Blue Book is really weird sometimes. I should have seen this one coming though. 😉

Evil Credit Card: Down 249.03. Woooo hooooo! It’s getting lower, I can’t wait until it’s all paid off.



So, how did your Net Worth turn out this month? Have you done it yet???

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Net Worth Update~ September 2011 — 16 Comments

    • Thanks. I really miss that debt-free feeling but I didn’t have much of choice. I’m just happy that I’ve been able to pay it off so much (got it in April/May).

    • Thanks Aaron. :-) Yeah, I always feel really relieved each time the balance drops—I log in and sneak a peek right after each payment clears. Can’t wait to be debt-free again.

    • I think I knew that I should but for whatever reason I tried to keep it seperate. Silly me. How did your last net worth update go Laura?

  1. Almost there with the credit card… It will be a great relief when that is gone from the net worth statement! Good luck! I include our next car fund too for the same reason, if we need it it is there. AND I collect pirates gold too :) But I mostly collect presidential coin and don’t have them organized as pretty as you have.

    • Get Out! Another pirate gold collector in my midst—awesome. I knew there were “others.” They’re not always like that, J. Money (over at Budgets are Sexy) suggested that I take a picture of them. Usually, they are just in a cute little metal box.

      It’ll be absolutely brilliant to have our liabilities empty soon; I really hate that little section. :-) I can’t wait. Thanks Suba.

  2. Nice job, its always good to have your worth go up each month :) I’ve heard of betterment but didnt like that I cant control what the money is invested in. I use right now, it allows me to drip money in and buy stocks or mutuals that I want, reinvest dividends for free, low fees and no mins on balance or purchases. should take a look :) (and no I dont get paid if you do)

    You are so close to paying that credit card, ever thought of taking it out of savings and just getting rid of it? that 1000 is costing you over 10% I assume while in savings its only making 1% Just a though :)

    • That’s actually why I like Betterment (so far, still checking things out), everything aside from the allocation % is outta my hands. No messing it up and I figure I can invest some now and let it sit around and hopefully make us some money for later.

      I’ve totally thought about taking the money out of our savings, it would quick, easy and no more interest. Not to mention a slight bump up in my credit score. The reason I’m not, is because I wouldn’t make replacing the money a priority equal to the payments. I’m just being honest with myself, no matter how much I want to say I’d do great—past experiences say otherwise. I also like to feel the pain (evil interest, raised usage of available credit) to remind me how much I hate making mistakes and hopefully prevent future ones. It sounds kind of sadistic, but it helps me.

  3. Keep up the good work with paying down your credit card, it will feel really liberating when you complete your goal!

    I’ve been looking into Betterment and it looks really decent. I’m not an investment guru but I’m just curious how you like it. Can you contribute monthly, like dollar cost averaging or is it a once a year type of thing? And it’s just investments or can you have a retirement investment? Thanks and good luck with everything.

    • Thanks, it’s going to so awesome when it’s all paid off. 😀

      I’m not an investment guru either, but I’m digging it so far. It’s way easy. You can make one-time deposits or set-up automatic deposits. For the automatic deposits, you can choose from:

      Every other week
      Twice a month

      Yeah, it just an investment account but you could use it for retirement. They let you choose an investment goal when you set-up your account and Retirement/Build Wealth is one of the options, you put in your current age and the age you want to retire at. It’s pretty simple. I’m assuming that depending on how long you have, that they will start you out with more aggressive investment allocations and then later on when you’re closer to retirement, they’ll go for a safer allocation. Hope that helps.

  4. Hi Jen,
    Nice post. I a glad that you are doing so well with that Credit Card debt. The quicker you’re out the better for you and you are certainly working on it. Thanks for sharing. I am working up our net worth from your list right now!

    • Hi Ann. :-) You’re so right, I can’t wait to be done with it. Congrats on finding your net worth, that’s a big step in the right direction. Feel free to come back and share and track your progress every month.